Working so hard, why can’t see improvement

I have to be all my life in love with working out, whether in the gym or at home on my own or when I joined a group working in the early morning, and always have a blast doing it no matter how and where. Now that I’m getting older I do work out and love doing it feels good being active I really work so hard. But, lately don’t see a result as I use to before I know I’m getting older and Life problems are accumulating. But now I still work hard but you know, as we get older problems and worries grow, and don’t see big results as I used to anymore, do you know the feeling? it sucks. Read this Blog about Fitness

And sometimes it seems like we are working so hard, why can’t see improvement.  

Why do people fear getting older?

Actually getting older is not all bad, when we get older we gain knowledge that we share with our younger generation and enjoy helping them. As far as I see it you can’t put a price on that, Yes our bodies don’t respond as it used to. That’s OK we can still enjoy life by helping others. But, this is very important do not give up on a workout you can still benefit and you still can enjoy the workout and you can still see results, never give up.

If you think you still putting out as much as you can and working hard but not seeing results, let me ask you this. How your sleep is are you sleeping well and getting enough sleep? And what about nutrition are you eating the right food?

So, let’s not fool ourselves Sleep and nutrition have a lot to do with our workout results as well.

Studies were done and it shows the body can’t perform at its highest when you’re running low on sleep and/or stressed out.

Stick with working workout

Most believe that changing our workout is good for you and for workout result, I want to tell you it is not always a good idea.

It is best to find a workout you like and stick with it. So you can enjoy the workout. If you stick to your workout you will see results. So, stick with the workout you love, and take the pressure off to “switch it up.” But how do you stay mentally engaged and keep pushing yourself every time? Look for more Gadgets

Plan your workout routine.

It is better if you plan your workout ahead of time so you feel obligated and need to stick to your plan. Sometimes you going to feel like you don’t want to do exercise and you feel lazy, or you want to change the plan to do something else, Just trust me to stick to your schedule and after a while, you will appreciate that, by not messing your workout schedule.

Also, I believe when you reserve your spot ahead of time it is more like an obligation and you don’t want to change your mind and you have to keep your word. More blogs about fitness

Stars of the class

You know there are always people who love to show what a superstar they’re and proud of their accomplishment. Well, they try their best and they just kill it every time? If you’re a fitness class regular, you know who I’m talking about. They’re always in the front row, focused, and always giving it they’re all. more Gadgets

Try to find people who are motivational and set your mat next to them. You’re going to try harder if you work next to people like that, no matter what you can’t help it.

Well, you need to know how to work with other people. When you are in class with other people and the instructor challenge another person in the class to do something harder, Take the challenge personally and benefit from that.

How to Challenge yourself

When working out in a group with instructors, you hear lots of encouragement from your instructor to keep you going. You can hear something like “engage your core” or other comment similar. It is always fun and at the same time, you benefit from the workout.

Many ways you can do to enjoy the time while working out is by creating social connections with the teacher and the surrounding people, which will help you feel more accountable to show up and push yourself in each class.

Easy ways burn calories

All bodies are not created equal. So, each person burns calories differently. When you hear that with this workout you burn 1000 calories that are not going to work for everyone as each person burns calories differently, you may burn more and may burn less is just an estimation. It works differently for each person. Gadgets you’ll love

Fun facts working out

always believed that you need to enjoy what you do to succeed. And working out is no different.

If you hate the workout you do just change it, There are so many options out there and so many classes out there.

What do you like doing? you can always associate what you like doing with your workout. At my younger age, I loved cycling so I was always doing it for fun as much as the workout. You can pick and choose there are many choices just have fun doing.

Celebrate every victory.

You must celebrate every victory. All victories count whether small or big. You should always be happy and every improvement is great, and every win counts.

You are working so hard don’t let anything or anyone put you down. Be proud of your winning and always look up. Just have fun and enjoy your life. Always remind yourself I’m a winner don’t accept anything less than greatness.

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