Why important do exercise

Do you ever wonder Why important do exercise I always did growing up. And there one area you feel like you can’t do enough it is the abs specially the lower abs.

No matter how much you do you feel like you need to do more. Well the reason for that is you need to do exercises for the whole body and not be obsessed with just the abs.

. How to lose weight

If you look to lose weight and show muscle definition, you will have to work the whole body. And also need well-balanced diet to have Abs result. You need to train the core it is the center for balance and to help with the back pain. Click here for Exercise clothing

How Use Exercise Schedule Wisely.

. Exercises lower abdominal muscles

Just so you know Our bodies stores most of excess fat there…. It is difficult to strengthen the lower belly muscles for that reason. And for women, the hormone estrogen naturally wants to hold onto fat in this area.”

So what is the most effective lower abs exercises as a workout. So it is going to hurts to laugh the day after these exercises.

. Best time workout day

The following exercises you can do 60 seconds each and rest 10 seconds between moves. And do the entire circuit 1 to 3 times. How To Weight Exercises Lose Weight

. Heel Tap

Lay on your back with your hands under your butt, knees bent, lift your feet like table-top position. Then lower your feet until your heels barely touch the ground. Squeeze your abdominal to help raise your feet back up to table-top.

. Do mountain climber exercise

Start with a high plank position, keep your body straight and hips level, lift right foot and draw right knee to chest between your hands. And return right leg to plank, lift left foot and draw left knee to chest between your hands. Alternate as quickly as possible, keeping your core tight and without hiking your hips.

. Do scissors exercise work?

Lie flat on your back, with hands behind your head, lifting head and shoulders off the floor. Using your abdominal, lift legs a little off the ground and scissor kick, alternating one up and one down.

. How to Slider Pike

Get a towel for this one. Start in high plank position with both feet on sliders. Squeeze low abs and pull feet toward your hands, lifting your hips toward the ceiling into a pike position. Slowly push feet out to lower into starting position.

. Do the Straight Leg Raise

Lie on your back face up position, place hands under your low back and brace your core. Lift straight legs slowly off the ground. Slowly lower them back to the ground. Do not do this if you suffer back pain.

. Knee tuck exercise

Start with a plank position both feet down together. Pull both feet in toward your chest. Make sure your shoulders do not hunch and not allowing your upper body to lean forward too much. Brace you core and pull feet toward your chest. Push feet back to return to high plank starting position. Best Belly Fat Exercise

. How to cross Body Climber

Start with high plank position with body straight with core is braced, lift right leg and draw right knee toward left elbow. As you return right leg to plank, lift left leg and draw left knee toward right elbow. Continue to alternate.

. How to Rolling Plank

Here we go low plank position on forearms. Hold for 10 seconds, then roll on to your right elbow, stacking feet, and hold side plank for 10 seconds, engaging your obliques. Roll back through center and over to the left elbow, stacking feet, and hold 10 seconds. Continue to alternate, keeping core engaged and not letting your hips drop.

On your back with legs extended. Knees together, feet flexed, arms overhead. Take a big inhale. As you exhale, lift arms up and forward, and use your abs to slowly roll up to a sitting position. Squeezing abs again, slowly lower down to starting position.

. What about Jack Knife

On your back, extend your legs, feet together and extend arms overhead, Inhale and as you exhale, squeeze abs and raise right arm and left leg, touching hand to foot. Inhale and lower to starting position. And Repeat and switch sides

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