What do you need to know about eating healthy?

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Here how most people think and do when it comes to food, they go throughout the day doing the wrong stuff.

Like I can hear some they brag about skipping breakfast and they take a sweet roll (but they don’t) count that as a meal which it may have 2 times or sometimes 3 times the calories of healthy breakfast.

And some they skip lunch says sometimes not too hungry while eating unhealthy snacks all day long.

What do you need to watch for?

I want to add that I witnessed many of these episodes. In my office, I have to be honest here I have done the same thing at the Beginning but after I start to read about these I thought What in the heck I’m doing, And I took my life back.

Well people should know no matter what you call stuff you eat, whether just a sweet roll and or snack (unhealthy snacks) our body doesn’t care what you think and what you call what you put in.

Especially if you sit all day long behind a desk and the only time you get up is to get more snacks.

Some people don’t understand eating little snack the wrong snack could harm you more than what you think, Must eat the right snack healthy snack you can have fruits like an apple or berries ( I love berries) almond and walnuts pumpkins seeds and cashews you get the idea.

And remember even nuts is good for you but don’t over eat and cut down on the sugary snacks. And need to walk a little through the day don’t just sit. I know sometimes is the job require us to do the wrong stuff but whenever you can walk a little.

OK, let’s continue with the ones doing the unhealthy stuff. They go through the day sitting eating snacks and drinking sodas and in the afternoon they start thinking I skipped breakfast (they only ate sweet roll they don’t count it) and I skipped lunch (but they fail to count the candy bars and the bad snacks) they start asking each other since we didn’t eat good today (They are right here they didn’t eat right) so let’s go out after work we have couple drinks and have good dinner.

Well listening to this seems fair so they get together and decide on place to go and they drink alcohol and they eat heavy dinner and hang around drinking for a while until close to bed time and they think well it’s OK after missing breakfast and lunch.

What and how to eat and not to gain weight?

Well here is the truth and the best way to eat. And I got my information from reports written by a doctor he was concerned about the way most people eat. I’m trying to share the information I learned.

The most important meal of the day is breakfast I hope you like eggs two eggs for the morning breakfast is well nutrient breakfast and if you want to over eat a little in the morning you have the whole day to work it out.


What about lunch?

And off course healthy lunch you must eat healthy food. Watch out for Carbs and you should have protein for lunch and include a salad Romaine lettuce is great for you also tomatoes and cucumbers also great for you and use extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dressing.


Because Dinner is the last meal of the day you should eat very light and as early as possible and always watch what food you’re putting in your body. Eat healthy.

And for snacks between meals you can eat some fruits or healthy fruit and or vegetable smoothies drink some protein shakes and some nuts for snack also there are very delicious protein bars.

Also fish is great for you but, Not farm raised fish, must be wild caught fish. Piece of meat but no fat grilled with healthy salad it is great also. Eggs is also good you can eat 2 a day. And vegetables and fruit, stay away from Soda and store juices.

What is the best way to eat and don’t gain weight?

Well, the end result is the morning meal Breakfast you have the whole day to work it out. That, s why is the most important meal of the day and the lunch also still have lots of time to work it out. Dinner is not if you eat heavy dinner you most likely to sit and go to sleep the food still not digested and you end up gaining weight.

Eat good breakfast and eat healthy lunch good snack between meals and light early dinner all healthy meals off course you will not gain weight. That as simple as that.

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