Simple workouts do home

Most people I know have in their plan to do work out more, and be healthier and lose some weight in the process. And many people have it on their to do list. Gadgets store

It is sad that most people get excited, at the beginning and make their plans and how they going to fit workout in their daily routine. And when times come to do the Simple workouts do home they come up with too many excuses why they are not starting yet. They always claim is on my to do list….. Sorry that is not enough you have to start doing it.

Doing exercises will make you happy is put you in a good mood, and you enjoy your life better, even if you do little at the time. Also check out this blog

Do you go to the gym

Be honest to yourself, if you plan on going to the gym the following will happened.

You will need to put a side hour or two to go exercise at the gym and shower, change, and by the time you are done whole evening is gone and you have to miss many things that need to do. And the chances that you going to miss many days by finding excuses not to go. And at the end you end up missing many days without exercising. And that will make you feel defeated and that’s not fun, I don’t know about you but that does’t make me feel good, you’ll feel defeated.

Alternatives to going to the gym

What about start using the short spare time you find throughout the day. You will feel good throughout the day the more you move will get your blood flowing and feel good. Here what you do for example… when you have a chance do some push ups when you can and take few walks as work permit and so on. For example while on the phone just walk instead sitting behind the desk You will feel better trust me. Try to walk about 20 minutes a day.

For medical advice consult your physician.

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Do while waiting

Everyone does different things every day we all don’t do the same stuff.

You have to be your own motivator, and take every advantage you can you know better than anyone what you do daily.

So try to fit in when possible I’m not saying while in the public eye, like waiting your turn in the restaurant jump on the floor and start push up, That’s crazy, what I mean when ever possible take advantage of your time.

While in private and just waiting take advantage of that short time or in your office waiting on something.

Taking stairs instead elevator

When you are going somewhere up in a building, to your apartment, or your office, or visiting whatever is the reason do not take the elevator.

This is great chance to do your workout and that by taking the stairs even if you go 10 flight of stairs it is a chance to do some workout.

Or take a walk outside specially if you live by a hill or on your way somewhere there. Take every chance you can when you can. This is a Blog about Travel

Heart healthy workout routines

You can find some time if you want to either on breaks at work, and lunchtime. Or after work and before you meet with your friend, you can take 20 minutes at least more if you can and remember every little bit helps. Check out these gadgets

Do some jumping jacks by sets of 10, and you can also do Squats when possible.

Do this routine and it should help you get in shape.

Let start on your hands and knees, then slowly raise your left arm and right leg simultaneously. Do the same on the left side for one rep, then do 10 push ups. Take 15 to 30 seconds rest, and do it again. Once 10 minutes is doable at a reasonable speed, add a five- to 10-minute jog or fast walk at the beginning or end of the session.

Keep thinking positive forget excuses like can’t do this it’s hard?? Start with a hold plank for at least 10 seconds or so, and move through the exercises as slow as you want keep it up as daily as possible.

Exercise ideas that work

Here some ideas to fit in workout without having to change your schedule much.

Great ways to add steps to your daily routine, park far from your destination and gain some steps it helps. Always try to park as far as you can and still arrive on time if you’re going to work or appointment.

If you are not stressed for time park as far as needed to gain 10 minutes+ walking.

Start your day with a smile

Smile is the most important to me in the morning, smile will set your day in positive mode and hopefully your day gets better as you go.

Start your day with some gentle yoga that will help. Study shows that starting with Yoga may help with reducing stress. And if you can make time for few stretches that will be great things to do. At least try for some Yoga in the morning.

Have a dance

Try to end your day with a dance after dinner, yes dance at home enjoy your family, your kids and grand kids what’s wrong with that you’ll have some fun and some exercises.

Watch what you eat try replacing your carbs, Bread and Pasta with veggies. Be happy and healthy.

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