Show respect to be respected

I witnessed an incident once it changed the way I look at some people. Some people are very disrespectful to others and they mention every little incident others do and some is not that serious. But they never noticed themselves. This always annoyed me. I don’t want to act like them.                                They must Show respect to be respected.

Here an incident happened in my present that person said you are wrong about this, and kept trying to put the others down to show superior to the rest. He was so disrespectful and so annoying. And he kept insisting that he knows it all and start to put others down. Don’t be depressed and sad

Maybe this person was right and he could be well inform about the situation. But whether he is correct or not, no one wanted to chat with him after the incident. He was (unintentionally) abrasive, cutting, and even a little unkind. This is precisely how to behave if you want to lose friends and repel people.

I know this person is a nice and friendly person, who just happens to be passionate about he being right all the time. But because of this one personality trait, he is limited in his relationships. And he does not know that this is a fault of his.
Whether you control yourself or words goes flying out of your mouth without thinking, You must do something about handling yourself well around others. Visit the Gadget website

Try to read, there are plenty of books out there are great read my favorite books in this subject is How to win friends and influence people, by Dale Carnegie. I read this book many times and also used a CD in the car listening while driving.

Carnegie teaches us how to inspire others and endear them to you based on raw human truths. And the best part is? His techniques can be applied with ease and full integrity in your own life. All it takes is some tweaking in your style and delivery. And it works like magic. Following are tips from the book that can help you make friends and improve relationship. It can help you as it helped me make friends wherever I go? Tips taken from this book. Read this Blog about friends

Here are the tips from the book

As Carnegie said the name of the person is the sweetest and most important sound to them it can be in any language. So say it more than once say their names often. Use names more in everyday encounters, including emails and even texts. It can be so simple like How are you Albert? People love to hear their names you can not imagine how personal and happy it makes them.

Why am I so negative
In general most people they stay away from negative people. Negative people are not attractive. On the other hands optimistic and positive are very alluring.

When a negative thought arises and want to cross your lips don’t, crush it. Say nothing.

If two things are true, choose the more positive option! Have fun with some exercises click here

Always think good in people it helps you pick the positive thing to say. Make it a hobby for you when you want to say something always look for the positive thing to say, And if no positive thing to say then don’t say anything.

Everyone wants to be important. 

So, be positive, and spread joy into this world. Think about this anybody can say bad words, and insults others but, finding the right words to say that pleases others is much harder so challenge yourself.

Do it and be sincere. Don’t hold back? Everyone loves a sincere compliment.

And as Carnegie says, “The deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important.” As you notice someone did something great today, Go ahead and tell them, let them know and you notice the happiness you will enjoy.

People crave appreciation, so have respect for the other person and value others openly and frequently. If you do this often, you will become the biggest friend magnet around. Make sure your compliments come from the heart. Insincere flattery has the opposite effect, we all can tell the difference.

Ask question get answer

Communicate with questions and answers and don’t just ramble about yourself, It baffles me how some people do this. A lot of people will ramble talking about themselves without offering a single question to their companion. Do some Traveling

Talking about yourself endlessly is not interesting to others Just remember people like to talk about themselves and you should help them do it if you want to impress them. Talking always about yourself It’s boring and It’s rude. You should be genuinely interested in other people as Carnegie says, ask questions: “How is work?” “What are you doing this summer?” “What interesting movies you seen recently?” Be interested in other people! Natural curiosity always works.
Show me happy face

Put on a happy face, smile it is easy. And it will make the other smile too, and here we go everyone smiling what a great feeling.

I started doing this way back, and here it is I put a smile on my face always even if alone that way I will have smile on without thinking. And when walking somewhere others seem me with a little smile on, they assume I’m communicating with them and they smile back and sometimes they say Hello many times when I’m with my wife and someone say hello. I say hello back with little bigger smile and she asks me who is that person? I said I don’t know them and she asks why they say Hi I said because I’m smiling they assume smiling for them.

Smile cost you nothing but it does so much for both you and the other person, After having the smile on just a little smile I’m not saying laughing loud so people think I’m crazy. When you do that you can get in great mood and feel happiness.

Cost so little and it does so much.

How to win an argument?

As Carnegie says, “The only way to win an argument is to avoid it.” When argument starts everyone involved and the surrounding ones become very uncomfortable and angry, it doesn’t help anyone. Instead, argument lets communicate and discuss our differences, Makes everyone happier.

Let’s communicate and help each other that way everyone benefits. When you communicate and help friends and smile to others makes everyone happier and you will enjoy your life better.

If you want to be important, make everyone around you feel important first.

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