Ways motivate yourself workout

Are you having problems with finding time to go to the gym? maybe you should consider taking an easier route, maybe you should think about making it easier on yourself. Here Ways motivate yourself workout in the comfort of your own home.

Off course there is a challenge always when it sounds so easy and convenient, it may be a little challenging to stay motivated you’re working out at home and so close to temptation.

Best way resist temptation
The best way to resist temptation and get sweat session at home, and normal people like others who we know and socialize with and have real jobs and most of them have a very busy schedule just like you and I. And they have some tips will keep you motivated to do work out at home. Here what we found out.Find workout you like

In order to do the workout always and enjoy it at home. You have access to an endless amount of at-home exercise options on the Internet. Think and look at different types of activities you enjoy, there are many apps and websites
you can easily find a fitness routine that will work for you.                                                                    Read this blog about workout
You can turn your living room into a fitness studio, there are plenty of ways to get guidance, motivation, and variety.

Plan manage your time

You need to make managing your time very serious, write the time on your calendar. And try not to skip because intimidation to go for a drink or whatever. Just plan the time as a very important time. And block that time for the workout.
Workouts plan
You need to plan on the workout space at home. If you have a home gym that’s great but I know not everyone has that. Still, you need to start a space that works for you whether in your bedroom, Living room, Or the garage or basement. Prepare what you need before your scheduled workout.                                                   Blog about eating healthy
Put on workout outfit, many put them on just about anywhere. So put them on every given opportunity. Suggests that simply wearing workout gear can help motivate you to exercise.

When you come home plan on changing into workout clothes before anything else, and on weekends put them on first thing in the morning. That way you make yourself excited about the workout. So you have no excuses later.

Why not go public

Before you go public and talk about to everyone you know to stop for little. Something you must know, A study was done and it shows that social recognition makes us less likely to follow through with our intentions.
You’ll have a better chance of actually working out if you keep them to yourself.                          Check this Gadget shop

But after you’ve crushed your workout, feel free to shout it from the social rooftops. You can take a photo of yourself and also take a sweaty selfie. You may work harder for that extra satisfaction of sharing your achievement afterward.

Where my reward

You may want to reward your self once in the while it is OK, give yourself a reward for the workout. You can reward yourself with healthy things and once in the while you may have something like maybe pizza, turkey chili, or a salted caramel brownie, just balance it out. Another interesting blog

You may want to work out right after work and then eat dinner after finishing your workout.

Well, my advice to you to help you succeed in your workout at home is to motivate yourself to work out at home. Find a routine you truly enjoy, so your at-home workout doesn’t feel like work. And take control of all factors as you can to set yourself up for success and make it a habit. Sure, sitting and watching TV feels so good when you come home after a long day, but doing all that will feel so much better after you’ve earned it.

Workouts do at home
I have a few exercises you can do from your home. Sometimes exercise at home can be overwhelming but you can train yourself to enjoy working out in the freedom of your home as long you don’t get carried away and lose concentration.

You can do workout and have fun at the same time, How do you like it, if you get healthier and stronger while spending time working out lying on your back and doing dumbbell workout.
You know, there are plenty of challenging moves you can do with dumbbells while on your back, Need to challenge yourself with the weights you pick while exercising. And pay extra attention to your form and challenge yourself by slowing down the reps.

Chest and triceps exercise

While on your back and holding the dumbbells, place the sole of your feet on to the floor and knees pointing up, Bend your elbows so your weights stack over your wrists, then bring your elbows to a 45-degree angle, and your arms look like an arrow. Are you depressed or sad

Press your entire back into the mat and exhale as you push the weights up over your chest. Do not let them bang together! Inhale as you release back down to the floor, then reset and repeat. Here a tip: When pressing heavier weights, pick up your dumbbells before lying back, as it’s easier on your shoulder joints. Repeat for 10-15 reps.

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The best dumbbell workout

As you lay on the floor on a mat, take one dumbbell in each hand, bring them to your chest while on your back on the floor, place the soles of your feet on the floor and knees pointed up. Exhale and sit all the way up and press your dumbbells overhead with the palm facing each other. Bring the weights back down to shoulder height, then roll back to the mat.
Exhale, sit all the way up and press your dumbbells overhead, palms facing each other.
Leg Raises

While on the floor and on the right side, and holding the dumbbell on your left thigh. Stabilize yourself by perching on your right forearm and engage your core as you lift your left leg a foot or so into the air. You can use your hand to stabilize the weight, not to lift it. And concentrate on keeping your hips square to avoid rocking forward or backward as you lift.

Do you meditate home

Meditation can be great for all. A study shows that meditation help with mental health issues, and relieve stress, and improve our memory,

Do you meditate home?.

How do you sleep at night? Do you stay up for a long time? do you think you may have insomnia? Well, meditation can help by rewiring your brain.

Many people use meditation on a regular basis, But also many people haven’t still haven’t gotten around to get used to meditation. Check out this exercise

Long do people meditate

Do you know how many Americans who actually meditated, or had even tried to? the answer is not many about 10 years ago was about 12 percent. You would think many more people would be meditating already?

People have different personalities and needs, and we are not all the same. We all like different things and also each of us are comfortable with a different activity we all not the same.

I think it all boils down to. For instance yoga, We all know it’s good for us, but also we figured out everyone has their preferred yoga practices.

What works for one it doesn’t mean will work for everyone else. Some would like a hot Yoga class, but it may not be a good idea for someone who hasn’t exercised in years.

Your first step into meditation should be finding the right one for you and make a decision. By choosing the right one for you’d be able to stick to it and have a great time. Click for more Exercises

Types of meditation practices

Do you find yourself face to face with negativity and self-doubt, and sadness and anger and leads to anxiety, Well you are not alone.

You know as I know that positive thinking is great and a must but also sometimes know it doesn’t work well. When you find yourself in a bad state for whatever reason. It seems impossible to jump right into happy mode.

How to exercise better

Remember it is not enough going thru the motion of an exercise, try Switching off your brain before and after exercise will help prevent injuries.                  Check out Blogs about Travel

it is recommended combining yoga practice with mindfulness meditations, people with active minds have trouble flipping the off switch.

You know’ these days we all are busy and our minds going at full speed. Home pressure and kids growing up and keeping you thinking most of your awake time, So we leave our bodies and got in deep thought most of the time. It is life pressure.

This can affect our physical body, and become stressed and tense which relaxation become harder to achieve. Practicing mindfulness once a day creates new neural pathways. That’s when Yoga and mindfulness meditations can actually help and change your stressful life.                                         Look here for great Gadgets

Why it’s hard to fall asleep
I just want to get some sleep… Do you go thru this a lot? when it is 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. and can’t full asleep staying awake and moving around.

Meditation can help. Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can help you evoke the relaxation response necessary for you to finally sleep like a baby.
What about trying the fairy tales stories your grandma used to put you to bed with, they will relax you and help you fall asleep just like being a kid again.

Signs stress depression

Talking about stress so, don’t think that self-care is an inherently selfish act. Stress, depression, and anxiety aren’t just personal most people think it is but, it is reflections of the culture you live in.

What we need to do is to take some time to care for ourselves, and reflect on the state of the world around us, So we can separate ourselves from these cultural messages and cultivate contentment.
What should we try?

We should try meditation. Try the Awaken AP. it is a really great place to start and it works to connect the dots between our inner state and the outer world. More Gadgets

Do you have a job is currently crushing your soul?

Is it Friday yet? Is it payday yet? How did that deadline sneak up on you? Are you one of those lucky enough to genuinely love your job, you still need some motivation which not always easy to find. So many negativities happening on the internet, Do you know what can actually help? Meditation.

I hear people crying and complaining about not having time for themselves, and can’t find time for exercising or any other activities. Then they start talking about TV shows and it sounds like they never miss a show on TV. How they find time for that. People need to work on their priorities and organize their life and their time.

Does meditation do you

Please, start with this, Start with a long, slow, inhale through your nose, Let your breath slowly move into you, and follow it down deep into your belly. And then hold your breath in and witness it as it sits in your belly, Releases your breath and watches it as it moves back up, through you, and out of your nostrils. Gadgets for Pets

And as you exhale, watch your breath as you release it out and observe it the whole time as it dissipates into the air.
Over-time you have a chance throughout the day try to practice, for example when stuck in traffic, standing in a line, sitting in the bathroom, attending a meeting, or even taking a shower.

This time-tested process will instantly infuse all the conversations in your head with a tiny bit of stillness. And as all of your interactions start to proceed at a slower speed, you receive information more clearly, process it more objectively, and speak with greater poise and purpose.”

Have a healthy and happy meditation.

Workouts for Couples

Best things you can do with your partner is spent time together at home on a cold night, sitting by the fire and having intimate dinners for two followed by a nice box of chocolate. But, it can bring a rough experience from a health and wellness perspective.
Or, you can take a long walk on the beach it is very romantic, but there are plenty of other activities that you can do together. And work on Workouts for Couples.
Working as a team
The study was done about married couples when they work together for keeping a healthy lifestyle and they found that men and women shed more weight, get more active, and are more successful at quitting smoking when their partners are doing the same fitness goals. Check out this Blog about a workout

Most couples who worked out together were still going to the gym at least once a week two years later. But of those who exercised alone, only 25% still active.
Men and women are more than twice as likely to lose weight teaming up with their significant other than by themselves.

The conclusion here couples who move together are more likely to succeed and be happy.

Working better as a team

The new activity will add more stimulation to your relationship. And this can improve the quality of your relationship. Let’s work together. Another Blog about Exercise with Partner

Riding bicycle lose weight
Buy yourselves a couple of bicycles, Or rent them or rent a Tandem bike and enjoy the day together biking along the beach or on a mountain road it is very romantic and at the same time great exercise. Be careful and enjoy your day.

Do yoga at home

Do you like and have you ever tried yoga? what about your partner did your partner like it or ever tried it? you don’t want to take a standard class you may not get excited.

It is better to take a couple’s yoga classes you’ll get a better challenge and both will enjoy it wells. There are a lot of partner exercises you can do better together, and adding the occasional challenge makes it more interesting,

Fun outdoor activities adults
Join some outdoor activity group and enjoy the workout with friends. Check out my Gadgets

Here are a few suggestions about outdoor activities I enjoy myself with my wife for many years and we love it. When you start it can be very intimidating, But just relax and do what you enjoy best while Camping, you can do some hiking together. And while camping, add snowshoeing, kayaking, rock-climbing, or any number of outdoor activities to camping.

Make friends with the other people on your group adventure, but don’t forget that you’re on a date with your partner. Spend most of your time chatting with him or her, rather than trying to perfect your zip-lining form or be the funny guy in the group. If you end up loving the activity, you can always go again another time.

Can I have a dance?

Going dancing with your partner is very romantic just make a date night and have a blast together.
Does dancing make you a little nervous? No worries take dancing classes together they are lots of fun and will make your heart beat faster.

Or, just go together to the club and dance and have fun together. Another Blog about Exercises

Did you know? Salsa dancing can burn about 400 calories an hour?
Formal dancing or salsa classes are so great, as they’re social in nature and require communication and teamwork
Why people join groups.

Many people join group classes, and they create Date Night because they believe that couples who work out together form stronger relationships and gain intimacy in an important way that is physical, but not sexual.
It’s all about increasing respect and supporting each other.

Pick an activity that’s within both of your comfort zones. If it’s a more cardio-oriented class and you’re the stronger of the two, make this night your “easy” night. But training together and actually enjoying it is worth more than a few extra calories burned. If someone has a medical condition, on the other hand, or is totally new to exercise it’s a good idea to consult your physician before starting any new routines.
Just remember Stay within your abilities! Don’t try to “beat” your partner by outdoing him or her with more weight or more reps. It won’t impress anyone and can leave you too sore to enjoy the dinner afterward.

Plan a healthy restaurant choice for afterward and make reservations there as well, so you aren’t tempted to hit up the nearest fast food spot to pig out after an hour-long sweat session.

Benefits eating healthy food

Most people we meet they think they’re very healthy, then we get in conversation to find out how they think they are so healthy, then when we find out about their diet and what are they eating we find that they are eating food they shouldn’t eat also you need the Benefits eating healthy food.

Too much confusing about health food what we should and what we should never eat, it is too confusing it becomes. Even when you see a sign (Sugar-free) and Organic it does not mean is healthy.                                                 Check out this blog about vitaminB12

Health and fruit juice

Fruit juices everyone thinks it is healthy food. Well, that is not true, takes about 4 to 5 oranges to make a glass of orange juice. You drink a glass of orange juice in seconds which means eating 4 to 5 oranges which are you are eating the orange you’ll eat one. That makes the fruit juice is as bad as soda. And eating the whole fruits you gain all of that wholesome fiber.

Was found in the journal Nutrition that the average fruit juice’s fructose concentration is 45.5 grams per liter. For soda, it’s 50 grams.                                More blogs about health

That is fructose overload our bodies can’t handle. While glucose serves as a fuel for our body, fructose is processed almost exclusively in the liver, and convert to fat. More about Health

What about soy protein

Most people think Soy product is good for you, But the truth is they are not, in most cases when they’re unfermented soy.
Fermented soy is one thing.

Most soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified to withstand applications of glyphosate, the active ingredient in the weedkiller Roundup. A recent Norwegian study found “extreme” levels of glyphosate in U.S. soy, meaning we’re eating weedkiller when we eat nonorganic soy. Do you like to eat fish

If you answer yes, you are not alone many people love fish including myself. But you have to be very careful what kind of fish to eat, stay away from and never eat Farmed fish. when looking for Salmon be careful the market full of salmon farmed fish and Tilapia as well.

You may be tempted to buy farmed salmon because of the price but I personally I stay away from farmed salmon, too. It’s often called ‘Atlantic’ salmon or just salmon. Also, you need some workout please check this blog

Here are fish to eat, Alaskan wild-caught salmon, Pacific sardines, Atlantic mackerel.

What about processed meats

Do you know what they say? you are what they eat, and when you are eating the meat of an animal that fed hormones, drugs and an unnatural diet grew using chemical pesticides and fertilizers, well, that’s not good news for you, either.
When feeding poultry arsenic has resulted in higher levels of toxic arsenic in humans
Well, Do this is you can, purchase meat from a trusted local source.

Do you eat Shrimps

Shrimp contains food additive used to prevent discoloration in shrimp. This additive has estrogen-like effects that could reduce sperm count in men and increase breast cancer risk in women.

Shrimp farms often Stocked with hormone-disrupting chemicals mimic estrogen and have been dubbed “obesogens.” That means they mess with the hormonal system in a way that predisposes someone to obesity, regardless of what they eat. Check out these Gadgets of all kinds

What about Microwave Popcorn

Are you like most people, at the end of the day you put a movie on and make yourself some popcorn and relax and enjoy the movie with the popcorn?. If your answer is yes you are like many people after a hard-working day you try to relax and enjoy some entertainment. But, you have to be careful the microwave popcorn it is so convenient and easy there is a price to pay for the convenience. It is a health issue with this convenience Microwave popcorn filled with questionable ingredients, it is just not worth the convenience. The microwavable bags are coated with nonstick perfluoro chemicals like perfluorooctane sulfonate and perfluorooctanoic acid, a chemical that is linked to cancer.

And also the fake butter flavoring compound actually causes serious lung disease when inhaled in large quantities. When you feel like eating popcorn just pop your own

The truth about margarine

I’m sure you remember all the talk about margarine a while back, That margarine was lower in saturated fats than butter, so it would protect heart health. The initial idea was that margarine was lower in saturated fats than butter, so it would protect heart health. But we now know that’s not true.

Studies show that trans fats were the original fats used in margarine, we now know trans fats are responsible for about 50,000 fatal heart attacks a year.

While trans fats have since been removed from most margarine, it’s important to note that most contain industrial, highly processed fats that would never be found in nature.

Difference sea salt table salt

You need to stay away from table salt, table salt causes hypertension and seems like people don’t care or don’t believe.

Salt was originally produced from mined salt, and all was fine. But, they change the process and now the naturally occurring iodine is then replaced with potassium iodide in potentially toxic amounts. The salt is then stabilized with dextrose, which turns it purple. Finally, it is bleached white.

Fat-free milk diet

Researchers studied more than 18,000 women and found the ones who consumed more full-fat dairy were 8 percent less likely to be overweight or obese compared to the low-fat dairy group. Check for goodies

When we eat full-fat dairy helps people feel fuller longer. Aside from that, low-fat and fat-free dairy products are often laden with added sugar, a potent risk factor for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Also, Research shows organic milk has a much healthier fat profile.

Overcooked steak.

Meats have amino acids, including creatine and sugars. Cooking them at very high temperatures produces molecules called heterocyclic amines. These are carcinogenic, toxic compounds also found in cigarette smoke.

Better option: To reduce grilling carcinogens, use sugar-free, thin, vinegar-based marinades. Also incorporate anticancer herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, sage, savory, marjoram, oregano and thyme into your meat marinades. Most of these herbs are rich in three compounds — carnosic acid, carnosol, and rosmarinic acid — all of which are potent antioxidants.

Shop healthy food

Let start our discussion about healthy food, and we start with what Are Dates Good For?
Dates don’t look appealing with its looks, it appears wrinkled, brown exterior, But it has nice taste chewy and flavorful and it is how to shop for Shop healthy food.

The dates have a single pit inside and it is hard you have to watch for it and not to chew on it is a single pit feels like a rock.

The date palm trees were brought to America’s Western coasts by Spanish missionaries in the late 1700s, and later more varieties were brought in like Medjool dates which introduced 27 years later. Plus more variety. Dates come in different forms and color and firmness. You can find them in some markets.

Here about the palm trees, they produce Date, you will start to see Dates at about 5 years old trees, But the trees will fully mature at about 12 years old. Read about more health food 

What can you do with the dates? Most people may ask, well some people will eat them raw of course you have to wait until they are ripe. And people make date jam, chutney, date trail mix, flavorings, and roasted whole date seeds. The tree’s terminal buds (hearts of palm) may also be eaten raw or added to salads.

There are different kinds of dates

Dry dates are the ones contain relatively little moisture when ripe and nothing was done to be dry, unlike other fruits.
And also there are soft dates and semi-soft.
Their many other kinds of dates one is semi-soft date is called “Nobility.” It has a large seed and crunchy fibrous flesh.

And there is a dry date with firm skin and chewy flesh called thoory dates.
And there are semi-soft dates, sometimes called the Cadillac of dates, are sweet, moist, meaty, and firm-texture called
Medjool dates. There are many more different dates different texture and looks.
Do some workout
There are one called Chinese date, or jujube, is neither a variety of date nor a member of the same botanical family. It does, however, strongly resemble a true date in color and texture, this used in much the same way.

Phoenix dactylifera is a palm with Its origin goes back to ancient times. It is a member of the genus Phoenix, Has about one dozen species of palms. Other species in this genus produce fruits that are eaten by birds and other animals, Phoenix dactylifera is the only Phoenix species cultivated for its fruit.
Where do date trees grow

The date trees can be found in the oases of arid areas in the Middle East. The ancient Egyptians regarded the palm trees as a symbol of fertility and considered the tree of life.
And the Greeks and Romans used it as a symbol of triumph. Look at Gadgets

The Hebrew and Christian cultures as a symbol of peace. when the Moors entered Spain, they brought the date with them. Although the Moors were forced out of Spain, the dates
stayed and were brought to the Americas by the early Spanish missionaries. By 1890, the USDA was beginning to look into date production in the United States.
In the United States, the major date growing areas are Southern California and Arizona. However, there are date palms growing throughout California, Arizona, Southern Utah, Nevada, Texas, and most of Florida. Date palms of various species are sometimes found in protected areas in colder states such as the Carolina s, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Even though date palms may survive in these areas without the long hot dry growing conditions of the southwest states, fruit production is nearly impossible.

Health benefits eating dates

Dates are packed with minerals, vitamins, and health-benefiting phytonutrients. Our bodies will make full use of their nutritional value. Dietary fiber in dates helps to move waste smoothly through your colon and helps prevent LDL (bad) cholesterol absorption. Dates also help with so many health benefits, Helps determines the balance of oxygen in the blood. Potassium, an electrolyte, helps control your heart rate and blood pressure. in dates, such as the carotenoids’ lutein and zeaxanthin, are absorbed into the retina to maintain optimal light-filtering functions and protect against muscular degeneration.

Also, dates contain vitamins A and K. Vitamin A protects the eyes, maintains healthy skin and mucous membranes, and even protects the lungs and mouth from developing cancer.
And fight infection and inflammation and help prevent excessive bleeding is a blood coagulant that also helps metabolize your bones.

Also, you find in Dates Copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, niacin, pantothenic acid and provide preventive and healing functions. More Gadgets
Eat dates in moderation they can contribute many health benefits, such as protecting against damage to cells from free radicals, helping lower the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease and the development of colon, prostate, breast, endometrial, lung and pancreatic cancers.

Here Summary about dates
Dates contain Iron, Fiber, Vitamin A, potassium, B-vitamins and tannins these are just a few of the many nutrients in dates, making them one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Dates are a wonderful snack all by themselves. But make sure you eat them in moderation, as these fruits can contain high levels of fructose that can add too much sugar to your glucose levels. For a new twist, try stuffing them with a mixture of chopped raw almonds and walnuts and raw cream cheese for a delicious, nutritious and unique hors d’oeuvre.

Easy stretching exercises

Doing workouts takes some efforts and must want to go through the workout. And then a quick cool-down. Sounds great right? Almost sounds perfect, Well, there are more to it. Do these Easy stretching exercises.

Here are a few things to consider with physical fitness, strength conditioning, aerobic exercise, and flexibility.

Useful things know

You may question flexibility, Well flexibility is very important for people. What does it do for people? It leads to a reduction in injury and increased performance. When you gain flexibility you will also gain speed when it comes to sports, and you will also gain strength. Check out this Blog

There are great benefits to developing flexibility. Whatever time you can put aside every day for stretches will help. Stretches are very beneficial even after your daily workout.

I hate to tell you this, age works against you. As we get older we lose water content throughout the body. And if no activities all day, the muscles will shorten up.

You ask what do I need to do? Well, here it is spent more time stretching.
Here are a few stretches for everyone. They’re easy to do everyone should be able to do. All you need to do put them on your to-do list daily. Even you do workout do the stretches as well.

Stretches to do

How to start: With legs straight, fold forward at the hip and try to touch fingertips to ground.

Hamstrings and back of legs. Another great Blog
Accomplishment: You want your fingertips to graze the floor or be just around your ankles, and If you’re not very flexible, bend knees to get your fingers to the ground and work toward straightening legs over time.

Next stretches.

How to start: Put feet together, right hand at side, and left-hand overhead, Inhale. Exhale as you bend to the right, Let right hand to slide down outside of right thigh. Keep hips square do not tilt forward or back. Repeat on the other side.

Benefits: All the muscles along your side, and external obliques. Check out these Gadgets
Accomplishment: Ideally, your right fingertips reach the outside of the right knee,

Do other stretches

Benefits: Some of your hip extensors. The muscles around your hips: psoas, piriformis, other deep gluteal muscles

Accomplishment: Work to get your top shin parallel to the floor.

Thread needle stretch

How to start: Start on all fours. Take right arm and thread through the opening between the left arm and left thigh. Allow upper torso to naturally rotate to the left and come to rest on the back of right shoulder. You can modify this move by dropping your hips to your heels to feel an even deeper stretch.

Benefits: You’ll feel this all over your upper and middle back, plus in your shoulders. (It’s a great go-to after a stressful day sitting at a desk.) More Gadgets
Try to get your shoulder to rest comfortably on the ground, opening up the entire upper back.

Do Cobra Pose
How to start: Lie faces down and hands near shoulders, palms on the floor. Push up, extending arms fully, and allow back to naturally arch. Look straight ahead and maintain a level chin.
Pectorals, shoulders, and neck.

Accomplishment:  Aim to straighten arms without feeling compression in the low back.

Do Kneeling Stretch

How to start: Place left knee and right foot on the ground and set hands on right knee. Place a towel folded as padding for comfort, Shimmy left knee back a few inches and lean forward, ensuring right knee does not go over right toes. Try to make a straight line from left pelvis through left thigh and feel the stretch all along the front of your left leg and hip. Repeat on the other side.

Accomplishment: Hip floors. there are groups of muscles that need to be careful since they’re often stuck in a bent sitting position all day and tend to tighten up after running or workout

Must be able to fully extend your hip, creating a straight line from hip to thigh to knee.

Natural ways cleanse your body

I was doing some research about Body Cleansing, and I stumble on great information I have to share with my reader.

I just learned this myself but it is great informations for all of us. If you drink juices thinking you are trying to cleanse your body and or going on detox diets Just stop it this is a nonsense according to this study. There is a great and

Natural ways cleanse your body. The good news here is a little-known way your body does cleanse itself, and it’s a process that you can control.
You,ll need to train your body to eat itself—and believe it or not, you want it to.

How does body burn fat

It is natural process and it’s called autophagy. It’s the body system of cleaning itself. Your cells create membranes that hunt out scraps of dead, diseased, or worn-out cells.

benefits of autophagy

The autophagy also plays a housekeeping role in removing misfolded or aggregated proteins, clearing damaged organelles, such as mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum and peroxisomes, as well as eliminating intracellular pathogens.
Autophagy is either non-selective or selective in the removal of specific organelles, ribosomes and protein aggregates,
There are three defined types of autophagy: macro-autophagy, micro-autophagy, and chaperone-mediated autophagy, all of which promote proteolytic degradation of cytosolic components at the lysosome.

Causes self destructive behavior

Here question probably haven’t asked before how do I eat myself? ” Well here it is. First of all, autophagy is a response to stress, so you’re actually going to want to put your body through stress in order to drum up a little extra auto-cannibalism.

Often will be short-term discomfort will bring long-term benefits. Here are three main ways to boost your autophagy.

First-Exercise, will make you sweating, grunting, and if post-workout pain didn’t tip you off, here’s a reminder: Exercise puts stress on the body. Working out actually damages your muscles, causing tiny microscopic tears that the body then rushes to heal, making the muscles stronger. Regular exercise is best way that people unintentionally help their body to clean will.
In fact, research has shown there are loads of benefits to an occasional fast, and some of them—like lower risks of diabetes and heart disease—might be attributed to autophagy.

And also lower carb Intake, while Champ fasts for 18 hours per day a couple times per week, he recognizes that for the average Joe, that can be a tough routine to follow. Simply forgoing food on the odd occasion seems to work. A study showed a lower risk of heart disease from just one fast day per month, but there’s another way to get similar benefits without giving up your favorite rib eye but probably need to quit candies.

This increasingly popular among bodybuilders and anyone seeking a longer lifespan and called ketosis. And it will reduce carbohydrates to low levels it will force the body to use fat as a fuel source instead.
Ketosis helps to lose body fat and will retain muscle, it protects against some brain disorders, particularly epilepsy.

Autophagy as a pill

Not yet. But if they can get this done into a pill I can’t imaging the amount of money to be made So, I believe they’re trying.
They said the bodily stress that comes with entering ketosis might be necessary for the benefits.

Just remember to stay in ketosis, You don’t have to fast, or exercise intensely all day every day to experience these benefits Just few hours will do it.

What we learned here

They say that stress and self-destruction lengthens your lifespan.

Also they said that, Since a lot of these things would kill us, like starvation and exercise, it only makes sense that after millions of years we adapted those mechanisms to make them positive.”

Klionsky notes that there’s still a lot we don’t know about the process, and it’s too early to definitively say that autophagy will cure cancer, make you a genius, and stave off aging for good.

There’s a pretty strong case to be made that stress and self-destruction lengthens your lifespan.

“One fundamental problem is that it is still difficult to monitor autophagy in a living organism, especially a human,” he says.

The bottom line: Regular exercise and occasional carbohydrate restriction carry mountains of benefits in addition to their likely impact on autophagy. The best that could happen is a stronger, leaner, and cleaner body. That’s our kind of detox.

Lose weight keep it off good

seems like we are always looking for ways to cut down somebody weights. Many people spend their lives looking for ways to                                       Lose weight keep it off good.

I know it is doable but is really hard, Many people work hard on getting use to eat right and they change their eating habits, and start some workout, and as a result they lose some weight and they feel so good about it.

And then they think they already lost the weight they’re done. And gradually they go back slowly to their old habits and before they know start gaining the weight back and some. And they got depressed about it. Have you heard this before? I’m sure you did. So, we have to be very careful when we lose the weight we are not done keeping the weight off is another challenge we have to work on . Another blog about workout to do at home

Cutting calories lose weight

Are you one of those people who hates to exercise?. Don’t feel bad many people who hates exercises still do some, so they stay in shape. We need to watch what goes in our mouth, Cutting calories helps a lot and makes loosing weight so easy.

Very important, what and how much we eat have big role in losing weight and how much we need to exercise.

A study was done about weight loss and the difference between Diet and Exercise and doing both. Results show Diet works, But Diet and exercise at the same time works the best exercise alone did not show great  result.                                         Are you stressed

Can you eat more if you exercise

This make sense, if you only exercise you end up eating more and adding more calories than normal.

So, you will have to diet and at the same time do some exercises so see good results, Lose weight stay in shape.

Build muscle keep weight off

Exercising is important to weight loss, because building muscles will help to burn more calories even when resting. Study shows that women were less likely to regain lost weight if they exercised for a half hour or more each day.

Another study for men was done and shows that moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise (cardio), increasing weight training by 20 minutes a day shows less weight gain in the waistline. Look for Gadgets you want

Making weight training included in your exercise routine is key to maintain muscle mass. That said, relying on exercise alone to lose weight isn’t feasible. Even slim women would need to exercise more than three hours a day to prevent weight increase if they don’t change diet.

Food with fewer calories

We all know how important calories are to weight loss and stay fit. So, how is my diet matter.

Watch out for food with Calorie-dense like things with a lot of fat and little fiber like desserts and meat. Some food are contained more calories in smaller portion compared to portions from Fruit and vegetables.

I love nice steak and Ice cream but, when I do eat them I have to eat very smaller portion and still eat more calories than I care to. Once in a while I guess is OK, then I go back watching my calories intake. More Gadgets
Here some idea to help control the amount we eat. Low-energy-dense foods like things with a lot of water and fiber and not much fat such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

What are good foods to eat

When you eat brown rice or apples you feel full with fewer calories and you’re less likely to pack on pounds. A study found that when people ate more fruit, vegetables, and low-fat dairy, they were less likely to gain weights.
Stay away from Junk food one of the best decision you will make.

Every day, we feel like we want to eat more and bit more. It seems like the bad food for us is the food our body tells us to grab most of the time, Just be careful and don’t full for the temptation. You have to be the one in charge of your body do not full for temptations. And keep trying to exercise more and more.

Best ways lose weight

The research shows different result on loosing weight just like any other researches, but most agree on few practical, evidence-based strategies to help you lose weight and keep it off.

  • The research on weight loss sometimes conflict and strongly hint to practical evidence strategies to support lose weight and keep it off, Here it is:
  • Watch your calories intake it is very important Eat low-energy-dense foods like vegetables, fruit, low-fat dairy, lean meat, and whole grains so you can feel fuller on fewer calories.
  • Stay away from high energy dense foods as Cookies, Chips. If you don’t and keep eating these you will be piling on the calories yet leave you wanting more, even when you’re full. If eating dairy or meat, choose low-fat dairy and lean meat.
  • Try to do at least 30 minutes of exercises every day for your health, and make weight training a regular part of your fitness routine to keep metabolism high and the pounds off.

Simple workouts do home

Most people I know have in their plan to do work out more, and be healthier and lose some weight in the process. And many people have it on their to do list. Gadgets store

It is sad that most people get excited, at the beginning and make their plans and how they going to fit workout in their daily routine. And when times come to do the Simple workouts do home they come up with too many excuses why they are not starting yet. They always claim is on my to do list….. Sorry that is not enough you have to start doing it.

Doing exercises will make you happy is put you in a good mood, and you enjoy your life better, even if you do little at the time. Also check out this blog

Do you go to the gym

Be honest to yourself, if you plan on going to the gym the following will happened.

You will need to put a side hour or two to go exercise at the gym and shower, change, and by the time you are done whole evening is gone and you have to miss many things that need to do. And the chances that you going to miss many days by finding excuses not to go. And at the end you end up missing many days without exercising. And that will make you feel defeated and that’s not fun, I don’t know about you but that does’t make me feel good, you’ll feel defeated.

Alternatives to going to the gym

What about start using the short spare time you find throughout the day. You will feel good throughout the day the more you move will get your blood flowing and feel good. Here what you do for example… when you have a chance do some push ups when you can and take few walks as work permit and so on. For example while on the phone just walk instead sitting behind the desk You will feel better trust me. Try to walk about 20 minutes a day.

For medical advice consult your physician.

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Do while waiting

Everyone does different things every day we all don’t do the same stuff.

You have to be your own motivator, and take every advantage you can you know better than anyone what you do daily.

So try to fit in when possible I’m not saying while in the public eye, like waiting your turn in the restaurant jump on the floor and start push up, That’s crazy, what I mean when ever possible take advantage of your time.

While in private and just waiting take advantage of that short time or in your office waiting on something.

Taking stairs instead elevator

When you are going somewhere up in a building, to your apartment, or your office, or visiting whatever is the reason do not take the elevator.

This is great chance to do your workout and that by taking the stairs even if you go 10 flight of stairs it is a chance to do some workout.

Or take a walk outside specially if you live by a hill or on your way somewhere there. Take every chance you can when you can. This is a Blog about Travel

Heart healthy workout routines

You can find some time if you want to either on breaks at work, and lunchtime. Or after work and before you meet with your friend, you can take 20 minutes at least more if you can and remember every little bit helps. Check out these gadgets

Do some jumping jacks by sets of 10, and you can also do Squats when possible.

Do this routine and it should help you get in shape.

Let start on your hands and knees, then slowly raise your left arm and right leg simultaneously. Do the same on the left side for one rep, then do 10 push ups. Take 15 to 30 seconds rest, and do it again. Once 10 minutes is doable at a reasonable speed, add a five- to 10-minute jog or fast walk at the beginning or end of the session.

Keep thinking positive forget excuses like can’t do this it’s hard?? Start with a hold plank for at least 10 seconds or so, and move through the exercises as slow as you want keep it up as daily as possible.

Exercise ideas that work

Here some ideas to fit in workout without having to change your schedule much.

Great ways to add steps to your daily routine, park far from your destination and gain some steps it helps. Always try to park as far as you can and still arrive on time if you’re going to work or appointment.

If you are not stressed for time park as far as needed to gain 10 minutes+ walking.

Start your day with a smile

Smile is the most important to me in the morning, smile will set your day in positive mode and hopefully your day gets better as you go.

Start your day with some gentle yoga that will help. Study shows that starting with Yoga may help with reducing stress. And if you can make time for few stretches that will be great things to do. At least try for some Yoga in the morning.

Have a dance

Try to end your day with a dance after dinner, yes dance at home enjoy your family, your kids and grand kids what’s wrong with that you’ll have some fun and some exercises.

Watch what you eat try replacing your carbs, Bread and Pasta with veggies. Be happy and healthy.

Importance of Vitamin B12

Near 40 percent of the U.S. population have marginal vitamin B12 status and 9 percent are deficient.near 40 percent of the U.S. population have marginal vitamin B12 status and 9 percent are deficient. As per U.S. Department of Agriculture, many people in the U.S. have marginal vitamin B12 status as much as nearly 40% and 9% are deficient. You ask what the Importance of Vitamin B12?

The vitamin B12 deficiency increases your risk of serious health problems, it will mimic more serious neurological diseases and can easily lead to misdiagnosis and improper treatment. Read about Cinnamon benefit

The B12 is very important for many functions of our lives. It metabolizes fat, carbs, formation of red blood cells, iron absorption, nervous system function, cognitive health and much more

B12 deficiency can even affect a woman’s Pap test, which screens for cervical cancer. Low B12 can affect the appearance of cervical cells, which can result in a false positive.
Experts now for the purpose of insuring healthy B12 status suggest people need to take a B12 supplement to ensure healthy B12 status.

Near 40 percent of the U.S. population have marginal vitamin B12 status and 9 percent are deficient. Per the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), 1 Vitamin B12 insufficiency and deficiency increase your risk of serious health problems, May even be serious neurological diseases and can easily lead to misdiagnosis and improper treatment.

And if you are wondering what B12 may cause here is a list for what are B12 is required for: Do you suffer from stress

  • Producing adrenal hormones
  • Metabolizing folate
  • Digestion and metabolizing fat and carbs
  • Formation of red blood cells
  • Iron absorption
  • Proper blood circulation
  • Reproductive health
  • Modulation of gut microbial ecology 4
  • Nervous system function
  • Nerve growth and function
  • Synthesizing of DNA
  • Regulation and coordination of cell growth 5

What B12 Deficiency causes

The B12 deficiency can look exactly like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and autism. Check these Gadgets

A film was made by registered nurse Sally Pacholok, a leading advocate for B12 deficiency awareness.6 According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a deficiency can even affect a woman’s Pap test, which screens for cervical cancer.
The low B12 can affect the appearance of cervical cells, which can result in a false positive.

If you are a vegan or strict vegetarians who abstain from animal products and do not supplement your diet with vitamin B12 will typically become anemic. And may result in nervous and digestive system damage.

Also, there are claims that B12 is present in certain algae, Tempe and brewer’s yeast fail to take into account that the B12 analogues present in these foods are not bio available. Animal products are the only reliable and absorb able sources of vitamin B12. However, even animal foods have become a questionable source thanks to modern farming practices and, for that, many experts now believe most people really need to take a B12 supplement to ensure healthy B12 status.

Does B12 Deficiency exist between meat eater

There are no association between B12 blood levels and consumption of meat, According to the researchers, rampant B12 insufficiency is not due to lack of meat consumption. Many people simply do not have sufficient stomach acid to separate the B12 from the protein.

There are speculation that the widespread use of antacids plays a significant role, especially among younger people.

The animal products contain B12 and strict vegetarians are at risk for B12 deficiency. But, it is not always the case because absorbing B12 from animal products is very complex process and sometimes even if you eat meat you are at equal risk for B12 deficiency

Can B12 Deficiency Cause harm to newborn
Women need to be aware that B12 deficiency will place their newborn at risk.

For women who are deficient and breastfeed, your child will also be deficient, and may develop neurological symptoms. It’s critical to catch a B12 deficiency early, as impaired brain and nerve development can be very difficult to correct once the damage is done.

Correct deficiency by taking weekly shots of vitamin B12 or daily high-dose B12 supplements. Mild cases may also be corrected by increased intake of vitamin B12-rich foods.

Vitamin b12 deficiency depression

Yes, B12 deficiency also contributes to depression, and other psychiatric conditions.

Symptoms mimic autism and Alzheimer’s,

Research has shown vitamin B12 deficiency can trigger confusion and depression

Another study shows vitamins B6, B8 (inositol) and B12 in combination were very effective for improving schizophrenic symptoms when taken in high doses

Signs of vitamin B12 deficiency

If you feel fatigue most of the time and suffer from lack of energy, Then you may be experiencing B12 deficiency. If you notice shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell, depression and tingling in your extremities then you may be have B12 deficiency.

Here are some signs of B12 deficiency, numb, tingly, “pins and needles” sensation in your hands, legs or feet, which may indicate possible nerve damage. Bumps” containing taste buds. Mouth sores/ulcers.

Here more signs Blurry or double vision, or shadows in your field of vision, caused by optic nerve damage from a B12 deficiency.

Many people at risk b12 deficiency

Many reasons for a B12 deficiency, doctors frequently overlook these common causes, and B12 deficiency is frequently misdiagnosed.

Vegetarians and vegans are susceptible since B12 is derived from animal products.

How Much Vitamin B12 Do You Need

The recommended allowance for vitamin B12 is:27

0.4 to 1.8 micro grams (mcg) for newborns and children up to 13, depending on their exact age
2.4 mcg for people age 14 and older

  • 2.6 mcg for pregnant women
  • 2.8 mcg for breastfeeding women

You don’t need to worry about overdosing on B12 because it’s water-soluble, so your body will simply flush out any excess.