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seems like we are always looking for ways to cut down somebody weights. Many people spend their lives looking for ways to                                       Lose weight keep it off good.

I know it is doable but is really hard, Many people work hard on getting use to eat right and they change their eating habits, and start some workout, and as a result they lose some weight and they feel so good about it.

And then they think they already lost the weight they’re done. And gradually they go back slowly to their old habits and before they know start gaining the weight back and some. And they got depressed about it. Have you heard this before? I’m sure you did. So, we have to be very careful when we lose the weight we are not done keeping the weight off is another challenge we have to work on . Another blog about workout to do at home

Cutting calories lose weight

Are you one of those people who hates to exercise?. Don’t feel bad many people who hates exercises still do some, so they stay in shape. We need to watch what goes in our mouth, Cutting calories helps a lot and makes loosing weight so easy.

Very important, what and how much we eat have big role in losing weight and how much we need to exercise.

A study was done about weight loss and the difference between Diet and Exercise and doing both. Results show Diet works, But Diet and exercise at the same time works the best exercise alone did not show great  result.                                         Are you stressed

Can you eat more if you exercise

This make sense, if you only exercise you end up eating more and adding more calories than normal.

So, you will have to diet and at the same time do some exercises so see good results, Lose weight stay in shape.

Build muscle keep weight off

Exercising is important to weight loss, because building muscles will help to burn more calories even when resting. Study shows that women were less likely to regain lost weight if they exercised for a half hour or more each day.

Another study for men was done and shows that moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise (cardio), increasing weight training by 20 minutes a day shows less weight gain in the waistline. Look for Gadgets you want

Making weight training included in your exercise routine is key to maintain muscle mass. That said, relying on exercise alone to lose weight isn’t feasible. Even slim women would need to exercise more than three hours a day to prevent weight increase if they don’t change diet.

Food with fewer calories

We all know how important calories are to weight loss and stay fit. So, how is my diet matter.

Watch out for food with Calorie-dense like things with a lot of fat and little fiber like desserts and meat. Some food are contained more calories in smaller portion compared to portions from Fruit and vegetables.

I love nice steak and Ice cream but, when I do eat them I have to eat very smaller portion and still eat more calories than I care to. Once in a while I guess is OK, then I go back watching my calories intake. More Gadgets
Here some idea to help control the amount we eat. Low-energy-dense foods like things with a lot of water and fiber and not much fat such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

What are good foods to eat

When you eat brown rice or apples you feel full with fewer calories and you’re less likely to pack on pounds. A study found that when people ate more fruit, vegetables, and low-fat dairy, they were less likely to gain weights.
Stay away from Junk food one of the best decision you will make.

Every day, we feel like we want to eat more and bit more. It seems like the bad food for us is the food our body tells us to grab most of the time, Just be careful and don’t full for the temptation. You have to be the one in charge of your body do not full for temptations. And keep trying to exercise more and more.

Best ways lose weight

The research shows different result on loosing weight just like any other researches, but most agree on few practical, evidence-based strategies to help you lose weight and keep it off.

  • The research on weight loss sometimes conflict and strongly hint to practical evidence strategies to support lose weight and keep it off, Here it is:
  • Watch your calories intake it is very important Eat low-energy-dense foods like vegetables, fruit, low-fat dairy, lean meat, and whole grains so you can feel fuller on fewer calories.
  • Stay away from high energy dense foods as Cookies, Chips. If you don’t and keep eating these you will be piling on the calories yet leave you wanting more, even when you’re full. If eating dairy or meat, choose low-fat dairy and lean meat.
  • Try to do at least 30 minutes of exercises every day for your health, and make weight training a regular part of your fitness routine to keep metabolism high and the pounds off.
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