List ways to relax

Do you remember having days like this?

When getting up in the morning. Dress up and ready to meet the world. And then you checked your email to find a huge number of emails waiting for you to go through them.

Then, turn around and spilled coffee all over your cloth and don’t have extra time.

What do you need to do? First, you need this List ways to relax and plan your day comely and plan your days in advance and maybe you are due for a nice vacation.

Learn how to relax

Pick your choice of relaxation, the beach or the outdoors in the mountain. I always like the time in the outdoor walking or hiking or whatever comes to my mind that day. Read this blog

And this is very important you must be sleeping well at night for being so busy.

What if we suggest a few fun things you can do to relax that is not required much of your time. Are you ready???

Do you like Green tea

Drink green tea it’s great for relaxation, good for you and also delicious.

Green tea has the right chemical that helps in relieving anger and stress.

Instead, a cup of coffee or any other stuff just makes a cup of Green tea.

Do you like Chocolate?

Do you? Well, who doesn’t like a piece of dark chocolate?

A square of dark chocolate will calm you down and it regulates levels of stress. Read this about workout

Do you like Honey?

Are you like Me.? Then you love the taste of honey. If so, how you like me to tell you that you can replace the stress with a spoon of Honey. Honey is Natural skin moisturizer and antibiotic and also have a compound that will reduce inflammation in the brain which it fights depression.

How much you like Mango? Check these gadgets

Do you know the fruit Mango? You can do this anywhere in the office at home anywhere. Take a few minutes to relax and munch on this tropical fruit it is so delicious and has compounded the help in lowering the stress levels.

Do the easy step
Pick your favorite gum and chew on it. Gums have many flavors from Minty to fruity. Gums have a quick and easy way to beat stress. When you chew the gum for a few minutes you will see your stress levels come down.

Let’s switch to things to do

Let’s do some meditation, this is a way to relax without going any special place you can do it anywhere. All you need about ten minutes or just two quick bouts of silent meditation per day and will relieve stress and depression.

What about some napping

Someday you may feel like you need nice some time for yourself. More gadgets

Even, if you’re in the office you will have breaks. Keep a little pillow around and when you feel you need to relax use your break and put your head on the pillow and feels like heaven. Few minutes you’ll feel like brand new again.

Breath good

To relax take some deep slow breathing that will help lower your blood pressure.

And for anxiety squeeze on something you may have a little ball or special gadget you can squeeze. It is great for calming you down.

Count forward and backward
yes this is correct and I know anyone can count to ten but when you are nervous and you can do this any time anywhere. Count 1 to 10 and then backward 10 to 1 you will be surprised how it will come you down. 1 to 10 is easy but 10 to 1 you will have to concentrate and think. It is a great way to relax.

Great way’s to calm down

Here an easy way to relax and you can do it anywhere home at work, when you feel the stress building up take a quick break and kick back relax, Close your eyes, close your minds don’t think about anything just relax for a few minutes, You will feel the relaxation that when at work and or someplace and don’t have too much freedom to do what you need to do, You will feel relaxed. And focus. Plenty of toys

Use a massager if you have one, it will help you come down your nervous system. Do you work on the keyboard most part of the day? You may have lots of tension. Apply some lotion and start kneading the base of the muscle under the thumb to relieve stress in the shoulders, neck, and scalp.

Try this it can help you I do this often, use a golf ball put it on the floor, and rub your feet over back and forth and press as much as you can be comfortable, Sometimes I use a small bottle fill it up with water and put it in the freezer and use it frozen not sure how you going to like it but, I love using it myself.

Also, you can use this method for controlling your stress. Get yourself a Squeezable ball and use it to relieve your tension.

More ways to calm your stress

This may seem weird but, it is not a joke you need to try the following suggestion when in need of relaxation.

When you feel stress hits, walk to the bathroom, and put some cold water on your wrists and behind the ears. The cooling certain area will help calm your body down.

Also, you can Brush your hair and give it about a hundred strokes going certain things with your hands will help your body to relax. Being Sometimes along in a quiet area will help. If you spend 10 minutes alone will help you relax. Sometimes you need time for yourself. Also, the sun lite can help on a nice sunny day little walk in the outdoors when the sun shining the bright light can help and it is an effective treatment for depression.

Sometimes need to take a break from your busy days and relax.

More ways to calm your stress.

Have you ever done Yoga? If yes then you know what to do go ahead and have some fun.

If the answer was No, then follow through with some Yoga you need to get yourself a yoga mat. Let’s start

By lying on the floor, your feet up against the wall. It will help you get a good stretch.

Then take a quick walk around the block it helps relieve some stress.

Listen to your favorite music it will help you get in a good mood. More toys

Try to play some brain games like Crossword puzzle it makes you think. And after playing for a while you’ll forget about your stress.

Here a list of few things.

Do you have a favorite flower that smells good everyone does, go ahead smell the flower over and over…?

Keep some of these flowers nearby and enjoy, it will help

Also, Smell of citrus can help relax take an orange peel and enjoy the smell it helps the stress

Smelling the coffee brewing in the morning it is so good. The odor of coffee will help reduce the stress

Do you have a pet? If not get one, pets can boost self-esteem and even ease the sting of social rejection.

If stressed learn how to laugh, it sounds silly but laughter will make you a little happy and you will forget the stress. Yes, Laughter makes you happier read funny stuff listen to funny people all this will help.

Talk to people, sometimes you feel like whatever happened around you gets you bothered you’ll have that strange feeling. Talk to a friend about it makes you feel better to talk about it let it out. More gadgets

Hey maybe you are due for a vacation so, you may start planning for a vacation. Plan and go on a vacation of your choice people like different stuff and different places. Whatever ring your bells go for it. We all need breaks once in the while. Enjoy your vacation and share your problems with people you trust.

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