How to warm up for a workout

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Lately most people learning how to warm up for a workout and it is becoming more popular in the world of sport.

It is becoming more popular for athletes to prep before an event. Warm-ups are becoming a routine from professionals athletes to bargainers.

Well the warm-up is so effective, and becoming a full body routine to use before exercise. If either full body routine you use before exercise or before playing sport or weight lifting.

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Advantages dynamic routing

A dynamic routine is stretches that are “dynamic,” meaning you are moving as you stretch. And requires holding a stretch for 10 or more seconds while motionless, it use to be the most popular type of warm-up for athletes. This stretching is ideal as a warm-up routine for several reasons: Check out Pilate exercise click

  • Prepare your muscle for the workout. Do lunges with a twist to engage the hips and the muscles.
    Stretching will help to improve the range motion.
  • Stretches can improve awareness of the body. When you warm up before the workout, it prepares your body to perform better. Check out these Gadgets
  • Warming up may enhance your muscular performance and power. Study shows stretching before a workout can help you lift more weight and increase overall athletic performance. Do you want to get stronger, build more muscle, or simply perform better, a dynamic warm-up routine is likely your best bet.

Dynamic Warm-Up Routine 

This warm-up routine doesn’t require any equipment, it preps your entire body for movement, and it can be completed in just five minutes. This basic routine can be used as an effective warm-up for activities, from interval training sprints to a full body strength training workout. Check this gift shop

Try the following exercises in increments of 10 reps each

Lunge twist exercise

It is combination of two moves. A forward lunge and a twist. Forward lunge and a stretch, while the twist stretches out the upper and middle back and activates core rotation. When you lunge, step forward, then drop your hips.

Do not lunge too far forward so your front knee extends far beyond your toes. After you lunged, slowly twist toward the side.

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Knees chest exercise

With this exercise you bring your knee toward your chest before striking the foot toward the ground.

This exercise like the top of a running stride as you can alternate each leg while stationary or do it while walking forward.

Try high kicking

High kicks will help warming-up the hamstrings and improve range of motion. You can alternate as you walk, or if you prefer, stationary while focusing on one side at a time.
Start with the right leg, extend your left arm straight out. Kick the leg up while keeping your leg and hand straight. And keep trying for higher kick, and complete the exercise.

Benefits doing push-ups

Push Up is a great exercise to help warm-up your upper body, especially the shoulders, Will activate your entire core.

Benefits jump squats

Do the Jump squats exercises for warming up the lower body, it’s a more advanced warm-up exercise. Stand up with your feet about shoulder width apart while holding your hands behind your head, or on your hips. Squat down until the hips are about parallel with the ground, then forcibly jump off the ground.

Jump lunges exercise

Jump lunges are great exercise for warming up the lower body. It also requires balance to help activate your stabilizer muscles in your legs and hips. Get your hands at your sides start with one foot extended forward and one behind.

With your hands at your sides or behind your head, Drop your hips downward and forcibly jump into the air. And while in the air switch your legs so that your forward leg is now behind you and your back leg is now in front.
To make this dynamic warm-up easier, do exercises assisted while holding on to a sturdy and stable pole or object.

you can do an assisted squat, or assisted reverse lunge, which makes both exercises much easier and more manageable. With the hip stretch, you can choose not to open up your shoulders, and with the T-push up, you don’t have to do the push up.

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