Going out eating, drinking with friends and family?

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Great, we all like to do it occasionally. Especially when you are meeting friends, by the end of the day for a Birthday dinner or just getting together with friends. Just be careful not to get carried away with ordering those drinks packed with high calories and then looking at the menu and ordering all the food that shouldn’t eat.

Getting carried away when out eating drinking

When you get carried away with drinking that’s mostly happened with large groups and you go to order the pasta dinner and also the extras to show off. And you have no interest at that time to look at the menu carefully and pick the right good dish even it’s just in front of you face like ( Grilled fish and Vegetable). It doesn’t sound good after few drinks. And we don’t watch calories at that time anyway.

Places go out eat

Every year people go crazy about drinking and eating the wrong food and drinks and when New Year hit they want to lose weight off course most they give up after few days.

Well, it’s times to learn how to decide on the right food for you.

I have few research-based advice and tips for ordering your food in the restaurants I hope it will help.

Pick a place to eat

The research was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (JAAND)

Let’s pick a restaurant which most likely to find lower calories dishes than the others off course we have to like the food as well. The most popular cuisines in the U.S. are American and Italian and Chinese and they’re the least healthy.

Picking the best food

You need to pick food centered on whole grains and vegetables, fats and lean protein.

Here a list of Cuisine hope you’ll like Indian food, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Greek, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine and restaurant that changes their menus with the season to keep up with the fresh and seasonal vegetables.

Don’t feel you always have to finish your plate specially if their serving portion is large don’t be shy to ask for a box for carry the leftover and you can have them for other meal next day that makes the dinner price half price. (Save money too)

When your meal come with French fries ask to switch the fry’s with vegies it’s much better for you.

Try to concentrate on your meal, if you do you will eat less and feel it when you had enough. But if you preoccupied with the cell phone texting or playing game then we are not thinking about the meal and we tend to over eat.

Just leave everything concentrate on your meal, and when you’re done do your texting and playing or whatever.

Eating more often to lose weight.

Sounds good correct?

Just because you’re going out to dinner, don’t starve yourself. Eat though out the day and eat healthy snacks between meals.

And when dinner time comes you are not starving and if you are you will eat more because you are starving. Not good.

Just look at the menu carefully and order the right food. Substitute the not so good and remember you don’t have to over eat and finish all some restaurant portion are large. Ask to carry out box.

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