Top tips for working out

First, you have to create healthy behavior when it comes to exercise, Some people think because they are working out they can eat whatever they want and how much they want, Well that is not the truth. Some people are lazy when it comes to food and eating the right food. People in general (Not all) like to do exercise but what they don’t know that they have to eat the right food for them. Check more blogs Breathing Exercises To Relax

When people find the truth about how useful exercises to them usually you get their attention and many take it seriously from now on. Top tips for working out.

Begin your exercises slowly

Some people want to start workout as professionals and they go from nothing to hours a day. Let me tell you that is crazy. You need to start slow and grow up with your exercises so you can enjoy them. It is very important to enjoy the workout and have fun. So simple if you overdo it you can get burn out. If you want results and want to exercise for a long time start slow and learn how to do it the right way. You must do it the right ways to avoid burning out. Check these Gadgets

How many times you want to exercise but you never started, you kept on putting it off for this reason and that reason, The secret here is starting you must commit yourself and go for it. And when you start it and begin feeling the workout that’s it you are in and don’t want to stop.

Pair things you like do

What do you like besides exercise? Do you have favorite music you like to listen to? do you listen to a podcast that you like? Do you have a favorite movie or show on TV? Whatever it is, pair them with your exercises. You can have time of your life. You can do exercises that are good for you while enjoying the things you like.

Whatever you do while exercising never goes overboard do not over exhaust yourself even if you enjoy doing that better to stay away from that. You must enjoy the workout,

Weekly positive thoughts

You must be motivated all the time, let the exercise time be a happy time. And be motivated at the beginning of the week so you can start your week on the positive side and strong and if you do the whole week will go strong and you will have lots of fun. Be Positive.

Enjoy what you do

Remember, don’t start your day or week like it’s another week or another day just be happy and be excited life is great. Some they get bored and they look at exercise as something they have to do, That is the wrong way to look at it.

Start enjoying your exercise so you can look forward to it. Exercise must be fun and we should enjoy it and if we don’t we wouldn’t be doing it for long. Just as anything in life we have to be excited about it so we can fave fun doing it and not that we have to do it.

How to Schedule your workout

It is a very good idea to schedule your workout to a convenient time that fits in your schedule, and it doesn’t matter if it is Morning or in the middle of the day or at the end of the day as long time fits in your schedule and will not interrupt other activities.

The more you are comfortable with the time the better so you don’t look back and feels that exercises interrupt your life again I will say you have to have fun and enjoy the workout and be happy. More Blogs

Feeling nervous around people

Are you a little nervous when you walk into the gym at first? You think everyone you have seen there they’re superior and you are the new person so everyone going to be watching you so, you don’t want to mess up.

Well, Let me tell you the people you are meeting the first time they’re feeling the same maybe they think you are the professional and they don’t want to goof in your present did you think about that?

Just go enjoy your workout and don’t worry, enjoy your workout, and have fun.
But remember to follow the important rules.

Do not skip more than a day at a time I know sometimes is hard but you must not do that. Because one day you feel that you need to skip one day and later, well something happening I need two days and after 3 days becoming easier to skip and soon you don’t want to go back, The best thing is don’t start something you can’t stop.

Exercising not losing weight

Is your main goal of exercising for losing weight? Then you have other things you must do besides exercising. What needs to be done is first. You need to set up your diet. Because of losing weight purpose diet and exercise go hand in hand.

But, a big part of losing weight is a diet we must know what are we putting in our bodies and why? and how to eat.

In order to see the result in the gym, you must manage what you put in your body. You can work very hard and sweat and really work hard, and if you don’t manage your diet you will look the same month after month you wouldn’t see anything different.

Exercises are great, you can manage your stress thru exercises and if you manage your diet you will see great results.

Some people when stressed they eat that’s their fix. But when you exercise you will reduce the stress that even much better.

Also, exercise gives you energy and puts you in a good mood, and help your health.

Working so hard, why can’t see improvement

I have to be all my life in love with working out, whether in the gym or at home on my own or when I joined a group working in the early morning, and always have a blast doing it no matter how and where. Now that I’m getting older I do work out and love doing it feels good being active I really work so hard. But, lately don’t see a result as I use to before I know I’m getting older and Life problems are accumulating. But now I still work hard but you know, as we get older problems and worries grow, and don’t see big results as I used to anymore, do you know the feeling? it sucks. Read this Blog about Fitness

And sometimes it seems like we are working so hard, why can’t see improvement.  

Why do people fear getting older?

Actually getting older is not all bad, when we get older we gain knowledge that we share with our younger generation and enjoy helping them. As far as I see it you can’t put a price on that, Yes our bodies don’t respond as it used to. That’s OK we can still enjoy life by helping others. But, this is very important do not give up on a workout you can still benefit and you still can enjoy the workout and you can still see results, never give up.

If you think you still putting out as much as you can and working hard but not seeing results, let me ask you this. How your sleep is are you sleeping well and getting enough sleep? And what about nutrition are you eating the right food?

So, let’s not fool ourselves Sleep and nutrition have a lot to do with our workout results as well.

Studies were done and it shows the body can’t perform at its highest when you’re running low on sleep and/or stressed out.

Stick with working workout

Most believe that changing our workout is good for you and for workout result, I want to tell you it is not always a good idea.

It is best to find a workout you like and stick with it. So you can enjoy the workout. If you stick to your workout you will see results. So, stick with the workout you love, and take the pressure off to “switch it up.” But how do you stay mentally engaged and keep pushing yourself every time? Look for more Gadgets

Plan your workout routine.

It is better if you plan your workout ahead of time so you feel obligated and need to stick to your plan. Sometimes you going to feel like you don’t want to do exercise and you feel lazy, or you want to change the plan to do something else, Just trust me to stick to your schedule and after a while, you will appreciate that, by not messing your workout schedule.

Also, I believe when you reserve your spot ahead of time it is more like an obligation and you don’t want to change your mind and you have to keep your word. More blogs about fitness

Stars of the class

You know there are always people who love to show what a superstar they’re and proud of their accomplishment. Well, they try their best and they just kill it every time? If you’re a fitness class regular, you know who I’m talking about. They’re always in the front row, focused, and always giving it they’re all. more Gadgets

Try to find people who are motivational and set your mat next to them. You’re going to try harder if you work next to people like that, no matter what you can’t help it.

Well, you need to know how to work with other people. When you are in class with other people and the instructor challenge another person in the class to do something harder, Take the challenge personally and benefit from that.

How to Challenge yourself

When working out in a group with instructors, you hear lots of encouragement from your instructor to keep you going. You can hear something like “engage your core” or other comment similar. It is always fun and at the same time, you benefit from the workout.

Many ways you can do to enjoy the time while working out is by creating social connections with the teacher and the surrounding people, which will help you feel more accountable to show up and push yourself in each class.

Easy ways burn calories

All bodies are not created equal. So, each person burns calories differently. When you hear that with this workout you burn 1000 calories that are not going to work for everyone as each person burns calories differently, you may burn more and may burn less is just an estimation. It works differently for each person. Gadgets you’ll love

Fun facts working out

always believed that you need to enjoy what you do to succeed. And working out is no different.

If you hate the workout you do just change it, There are so many options out there and so many classes out there.

What do you like doing? you can always associate what you like doing with your workout. At my younger age, I loved cycling so I was always doing it for fun as much as the workout. You can pick and choose there are many choices just have fun doing.

Celebrate every victory.

You must celebrate every victory. All victories count whether small or big. You should always be happy and every improvement is great, and every win counts.

You are working so hard don’t let anything or anyone put you down. Be proud of your winning and always look up. Just have fun and enjoy your life. Always remind yourself I’m a winner don’t accept anything less than greatness.

Walking good cardio exercise

Most people walk but all don’t walk the same. There are many kinds of walks. We have to walk to get around any way so, why don’t we make the best of it and use our walking either while working or going anywhere use it as exercise to improve your health. Does it sound complicated? it is not when you get use to it. Check out this Gadget place

I have being doing just that for very long time. For example when I go to grocery store or anywhere I park far away from the building you going to and walk just put your head up and walk, and when going to second or third story in a building don’t take the elevator use the stairs use it for your benefit and so on. People always ask Is Walking good cardio exercise.

There are many walks in life, But for most of us, walking is mostly just a great way to get around. And also it is one of the easiest forms of exercises, And it doesn’t require equipment or real skill.

Is walking considered exercise
Now, there are many types of walking. For instance when you get up from the bed and walk to the restroom and the living room and around the house that’s not count as exercise.                                                         Check out this blog about health

Can I find time exercise

Many says I don’t have time to exercise and I’m always busy and I don’t have the time to do any. Well that’s not correct and here what I do, If I’m going to second story or more I don’t take the elevator I use the stairs instead. At the beginning it was a little hard but after a while it seems normal and at the mean time you do your exercise.

And if you going to a store groceries and at the mall, I park my car as far as possible from the entrance. So I can do some walking without having to schedule special time specially if I’m short for time. Travel blog

And, I now skip the greasy appetizer with a drink with friends at the end of the day. That’s how you can find time we all can find time if we want to find it.

The Best cardiovascular exercise

Walking is the best cardio exercise. It involves putting one foot in front of the other and shifting your weight from side to side with each step.                                                                         Hard to find Gadgets

Cardiovascular exercise (cardio exercise) for short it’s an activity that involves or requires oxygen to meet the energy demands of your body. Also, it increases your heart rate and respiration rate while using large muscles repetitively and rhythmically.

Walking for sure fits into the cardio category, but only if you walk at a pace and intensity that challenge your cardio system, leading to increased demands on your muscles and heart.

Is walking considered exercise

Well, you must know that walking in all forms and at all paces is good for you. All exercise counts, Exercise helps everything from preventing heart disease to depression.

Moderate level of activity noticeably increases your heart rate and breathing rate. This can be as simple as brisk walking. “Health officials recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity on most days of the week for a total of two and half hours per week.

Walking considered cardio exercise

The CDC recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week
Moderate physical exercise, is when you are still able to carry on a conversation. Able to talk, but not sing.

According to the CDC, “brisk walking” pace for most people is 3 miles per hour, that’s about 20 minutes per mile.

Fast pace walking is 4 miles per hour and that definitely cardio.

I’m sure you want all the health benefits of walking. Then, you want to bump up the pace.

Walking slow or fast enough

Are you walking and not sure if walking fast enough? If you can do better that’s great than do it, go faster until you start to break a small sweat.

Do you ask yourself sometimes? I wonder how fast I’m walking? Is it enough? Do I need to do more? To get more ideas about the amount of walk you doing. It is so simple these days you can find a watch bracelets they are reasonably priced now and it shows you your speed and also will show you the distance you walked.

If not, when you go to the Gym get on the treadmill and set the pace to 3 miles per hour to get a feel for it. And you can also time yourself How long it takes you to do 1 mile and go from there.

About walking exercise

Many people ask is Walking exercise the answer is yes Walking is exercise. And it gives you health benefits. Walking improves everything from general fitness, cardiac health, depression, and fatigue. It improves mood, reduces the risk for cancer and numerous chronic diseases, improves circulation and even posture. Gadgets must see

Well, So you should know walking is great for you at moderate or vigorous intensity and it is beneficial for every system in your body, and that including your mood, it may be just as effective as running.

Walking is also fun! put on comfortable sneakers and hit the pavement, and enjoy a stroll with your pup, Try picking a fun destination or using a fitness tracker to keep a step count or as a competition with your friends.

Yoga and pilates workout

Do you ask why we do yoga? Well, you do Yoga because is the right thing to do, plus many reasons to start practicing yoga and meditation.

Many studies show recent evidence that yoga and meditation can undo the serious damage that stresses doing to our bodies. Yoga and Pilates workout
It is the time when many Americans report high levels of stress, For only these reasons Doctors should start recommending these techniques more often. Check for Gadgets for everyone

How good yoga for you

A study was done recently, And the researchers assigned a group of people who are new to Yoga. They trained them for six weeks in the art of Yoga, learned to breathe deep correctly.

And at the end of the training, they drew blood before and 15 minutes after participants listened to a 20-minute guided meditation CD.

The blood samples showed positive changes in gene expression, the process by which certain genes are turned “on” or “off.

And they also ran the same experiment on a group of more experienced meditators and found that the pros’ blood samples showed even more significant, positive changes in gene expression.

Hard to find Gadgets

And, what they also found that yoga may boost immunity and that practicing yoga and meditation can help the body heal faster from the disease.

Do we have a problem?

At the same time that they found yoga and meditation can cause changes at the cellular level, Also research has shown how chronic stress can cause long-term physiological and psychological damage.

Many Americans say they experience extreme stress and many don’t know where to turn for help. Yoga and meditation provide a scientifically-backed, highly practical way to help manage some of this stress before it does last damage to our minds and bodies. We’re not talking about a huge lifestyle change, either. In the most recent study, blood samples showed changes in gene expression after they meditated for just 20 minutes. You need to learn the correct way to meditate.

If you have these stress problems what about you start right now planing on doing yoga and meditate. This study was done on over 20 million stressed Americans who are using yoga and meditation now.

Benefits of doing yoga

The benefits of practicing yoga are great, and it’s easy to feel like you need a fancy studio to make it happen. Not true! you can do it in the comfort of your home and the low-impact routine can also be done anywhere you can fit a yoga mat with no equipment or barres required.

Read Blogs about Health and fitness

Yoga for health and fitness

Is doing yoga your cup of tea? it’s sure so much fun for me. When I do workout night before I feel like I’m on fire the next morning I feel like I want to keep moving and energetic. Well, If no work the next day I like to do more workout in the morning.

Have you ever were involved in large group workout? It is lots of fun and you feel pushed to your limit and you’ll work very hard. Because of the pressure of other people around you are going at it, and you don’t want to appear week so you push yourself to the limit and above, in the end, you have a great workout. And bond with other people you just met.

How is your workout

Are you experienced and fit? Have you been working out for a while? and do you get challenged often? by your peers who started after you and they are starving for attention. More great blogs

Or you just starting your venture and you are lost yourself? Workout being taught to more people every day in regular classes and instructors don’t necessarily have the time to break down the moves or come around and help correct people’s form.

What should we eat?

After you work so hard and sweat to get in shape, do you really want to blow all the hard work you went through?

If you do trust me you will feel very bad about that, you can eat and enjoy your meal without eating lots of carbs and stuff you shouldn’t.

There are many quality of food you can enjoy I’m sure you know what’s bad for you just play it smart and consume the good food you like.

Activities you can enjoy

I joined t camps before which used to be early in the morning daily 5 days a week starting at 5 am for 2 hours I had the time of my life while I was doing that. I was always happy the rest of the day even some days was tired but I did not mind it.

While I was busy doing boot camps I was running every day and doing exercises I did not think I could do and had a great time doing it.
Until my job changed and I didn’t have the time anymore, but if I can I wouldn’t think twice about it.

What are healthy food to eat

I know many people always looking for healthy food to eat and feel good about themselves. And in the process, they find many recipes on the web they can eat and stay healthy (if they really want). Also, there are many that easy to cook and healthy and taste great.

I came across many healthy recipes on the web and like to share.

Click here to find great items can’t find anywhere

Burger sweet potato fries

Must try this burger it is vegetarians. Top the juicy, protein-packed patty with caramelized onions, melted cheese, sweet potato fries, and your choice if you like eggs to top it with a fried egg. It is so delicious. I love it.

Zucchini with pasta

You’ll get Pasta and Zucchini half-and-half. And top it with avocado, and tahini sauce provides a creamy texture without the cream.

Nachos sweet potatoes with Black beans

This sweet potato is rich with nutrient is very delicious for our nachos. Blend up a batch of the green Chile salsa, put all the ingredients in a pan, Enjoy

Sriracha Buffalo cauliflower

Are you a vegan? if the answer is yes you going to love this. Bake the cauliflower after drowning it in the buffalo sauce. You may not even miss the chicken wings. Add the blue cheese on top if you want it any healthier use coconut butter.

Healthy Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are so delicious, but the favorite fried snacks are the healthiest. These babies are veggie crusted, crunchier, and healthier. Another great shop for Gadgets

Try Chia Seeds in Coconut Water

Honestly, I never tried before coconut water until now, It is so refreshing with the chia seeds it so good. Now after trying it I want to keep drinking it.

Coconut water has lots of electrolytes like potassium and magnesium. It is very beneficial. And adding the Chia seeds to it which have many benefits for us. Including stabilizing the blood sugar and maintaining the blood pressure.

The benefits of the chia seeds and the coconut water: good source of fiber and vitamin C, and important minerals and high in antioxidants

Try this:

1½ cups coconut water, 2 tablespoons chia seeds, Squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice, Mix all and let it sit for about 10 minutes then enjoy.

And half of coconut water. Careful not to get carried away and drinking too much, otherwise you will get an upset stomach.

Maple walnut Chia seed pudding
You will need 2 1/2 cups Unsweetened Almond Milk, 3 tablespoons Pure Maple Syrup, 1/2 cup Chia Seeds, 1/4 cup Walnuts, roasted

First add almond milk, maple syrup, and chia seeds to a jar and stir well (or shake). Seal the jar and refrigerate overnight.

In the morning, stir the pudding and if the consistency is not thick yet, place it back in the refrigerator for another hour or so. Preheat the oven to 375°F and spread the walnuts on a baking sheet. Roast the walnuts for 5 to 8 minutes, or until slightly browned and toasted. Pour pudding into bowls or glasses and serve with roasted walnuts and maple syrup on top.

Rehydration will happen within around half an hour from the time you drink about 2.2 tablespoons of chis seeds and a cup.

There are so many recipes for Chia with different fruit pick your favorite fruit and you will find a recipe on the web.
Here are a few ideas for recipes you can use. Read Blogs about health

Orange Chia seed pudding
Creamsicle? More like dreamsicle. Sticking to five simple ingredients (and optional toppings), this is a recipe you can pull together in a snap — plus, you likely have all the materials on hand. Simply mix ’em together, pop in the fridge, and top with as many crunchy additions as desired. you’ll love the toasted coconut flakes, pecans, and dried cherries!

Also, here are more ideas you can find the recipes on the web I will give you the names and you can easily find them the first one

Ground chia seed pudding

It sounds like will be a delicious pudding you can enjoy.

Almond milk chia seed pudding

This sounds to me like something we can all love to try I haven’t try this but I know I will. Soon

Coconut milk chia seed pudding

Oh, I love coconut this is a very good one I did try this before it’s very good. Other than good it is very healthy stuff.

Recipes chia seed pudding

Well, Chia seed pudding Not sure here but I know it is healthy recipe enjoy it.

Pina colada recipe coconut milk

Are you like me? Just because the Pina colada I know I will like this, I have not yet tried this but it is the next on my list.

Pina Colada sounds sexy, doesn’t it?

Blueberry chia seed pudding

This taste delicious especially in the morning as a breakfast treat. After waking up and doing morning exercises enjoy this great morning treat.

Do you know that Chia seeds are a great source of fiber, also they are cell-protecting antioxidants, minerals, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. Cell-protecting They are anti-inflammatory and a dense source of crucial minerals, with more calcium than milk, more potassium than bananas, and more iron than spinach.

You can make pudding with Chia seeds and any of your favorite fruits depends on what you feel like tasting today.
The coconut pomegranate chocolate chia seed pudding. Is packed with everyone’s favorite superfood chia seeds. They’re very healthy for you. Second, the chia seed pudding is made with coconut milk and sweetened with maple syrup. And then, it’s topped with pomegranate seeds, chocolate chunks, and unsweetened shredded coconut. I need to get some now I can’t wait, sounds so delicious.

List ways to relax

Do you remember having days like this?

When getting up in the morning. Dress up and ready to meet the world. And then you checked your email to find a huge number of emails waiting for you to go through them.

Then, turn around and spilled coffee all over your cloth and don’t have extra time.

What do you need to do? First, you need this List ways to relax and plan your day comely and plan your days in advance and maybe you are due for a nice vacation.

Learn how to relax

Pick your choice of relaxation, the beach or the outdoors in the mountain. I always like the time in the outdoor walking or hiking or whatever comes to my mind that day. Read this blog

And this is very important you must be sleeping well at night for being so busy.

What if we suggest a few fun things you can do to relax that is not required much of your time. Are you ready???

Do you like Green tea

Drink green tea it’s great for relaxation, good for you and also delicious.

Green tea has the right chemical that helps in relieving anger and stress.

Instead, a cup of coffee or any other stuff just makes a cup of Green tea.

Do you like Chocolate?

Do you? Well, who doesn’t like a piece of dark chocolate?

A square of dark chocolate will calm you down and it regulates levels of stress. Read this about workout

Do you like Honey?

Are you like Me.? Then you love the taste of honey. If so, how you like me to tell you that you can replace the stress with a spoon of Honey. Honey is Natural skin moisturizer and antibiotic and also have a compound that will reduce inflammation in the brain which it fights depression.

How much you like Mango? Check these gadgets

Do you know the fruit Mango? You can do this anywhere in the office at home anywhere. Take a few minutes to relax and munch on this tropical fruit it is so delicious and has compounded the help in lowering the stress levels.

Do the easy step
Pick your favorite gum and chew on it. Gums have many flavors from Minty to fruity. Gums have a quick and easy way to beat stress. When you chew the gum for a few minutes you will see your stress levels come down.

Let’s switch to things to do

Let’s do some meditation, this is a way to relax without going any special place you can do it anywhere. All you need about ten minutes or just two quick bouts of silent meditation per day and will relieve stress and depression.

What about some napping

Someday you may feel like you need nice some time for yourself. More gadgets

Even, if you’re in the office you will have breaks. Keep a little pillow around and when you feel you need to relax use your break and put your head on the pillow and feels like heaven. Few minutes you’ll feel like brand new again.

Breath good

To relax take some deep slow breathing that will help lower your blood pressure.

And for anxiety squeeze on something you may have a little ball or special gadget you can squeeze. It is great for calming you down.

Count forward and backward
yes this is correct and I know anyone can count to ten but when you are nervous and you can do this any time anywhere. Count 1 to 10 and then backward 10 to 1 you will be surprised how it will come you down. 1 to 10 is easy but 10 to 1 you will have to concentrate and think. It is a great way to relax.

Great way’s to calm down

Here an easy way to relax and you can do it anywhere home at work, when you feel the stress building up take a quick break and kick back relax, Close your eyes, close your minds don’t think about anything just relax for a few minutes, You will feel the relaxation that when at work and or someplace and don’t have too much freedom to do what you need to do, You will feel relaxed. And focus. Plenty of toys

Use a massager if you have one, it will help you come down your nervous system. Do you work on the keyboard most part of the day? You may have lots of tension. Apply some lotion and start kneading the base of the muscle under the thumb to relieve stress in the shoulders, neck, and scalp.

Try this it can help you I do this often, use a golf ball put it on the floor, and rub your feet over back and forth and press as much as you can be comfortable, Sometimes I use a small bottle fill it up with water and put it in the freezer and use it frozen not sure how you going to like it but, I love using it myself.

Also, you can use this method for controlling your stress. Get yourself a Squeezable ball and use it to relieve your tension.

More ways to calm your stress

This may seem weird but, it is not a joke you need to try the following suggestion when in need of relaxation.

When you feel stress hits, walk to the bathroom, and put some cold water on your wrists and behind the ears. The cooling certain area will help calm your body down.

Also, you can Brush your hair and give it about a hundred strokes going certain things with your hands will help your body to relax. Being Sometimes along in a quiet area will help. If you spend 10 minutes alone will help you relax. Sometimes you need time for yourself. Also, the sun lite can help on a nice sunny day little walk in the outdoors when the sun shining the bright light can help and it is an effective treatment for depression.

Sometimes need to take a break from your busy days and relax.

More ways to calm your stress.

Have you ever done Yoga? If yes then you know what to do go ahead and have some fun.

If the answer was No, then follow through with some Yoga you need to get yourself a yoga mat. Let’s start

By lying on the floor, your feet up against the wall. It will help you get a good stretch.

Then take a quick walk around the block it helps relieve some stress.

Listen to your favorite music it will help you get in a good mood. More toys

Try to play some brain games like Crossword puzzle it makes you think. And after playing for a while you’ll forget about your stress.

Here a list of few things.

Do you have a favorite flower that smells good everyone does, go ahead smell the flower over and over…?

Keep some of these flowers nearby and enjoy, it will help

Also, Smell of citrus can help relax take an orange peel and enjoy the smell it helps the stress

Smelling the coffee brewing in the morning it is so good. The odor of coffee will help reduce the stress

Do you have a pet? If not get one, pets can boost self-esteem and even ease the sting of social rejection.

If stressed learn how to laugh, it sounds silly but laughter will make you a little happy and you will forget the stress. Yes, Laughter makes you happier read funny stuff listen to funny people all this will help.

Talk to people, sometimes you feel like whatever happened around you gets you bothered you’ll have that strange feeling. Talk to a friend about it makes you feel better to talk about it let it out. More gadgets

Hey maybe you are due for a vacation so, you may start planning for a vacation. Plan and go on a vacation of your choice people like different stuff and different places. Whatever ring your bells go for it. We all need breaks once in the while. Enjoy your vacation and share your problems with people you trust.

Sleep good sleep well

Do you usually sleep well at night most of the time? Or you suffer from poor sleep most of the time and get up in the morning feels tired and hungry so hungry you feel want to eat anything you get your hands on.
I’m not kidding here when you have poor night sleep you get up so hungry.

The sleep quality shows over and over that it affects how hungry you feel the next morning and how much you eat. This is no joke.

Are you trying to lose weight?

Are you like many people who have a few extra pounds on and trying very hard to lose them? Let me answer for you YES, Most people are. Some they don’t even look like they should be worried about losing any but everyone wants to lose some weight. So, the best things are to look at your sleep pattern, if you don’t sleep well. Read this about Exercises

You should pay attention to your quality of sleep because it does affect weight gain. Sometimes when you eat right you still may gain some weight. You put so many efforts in working out to lose weight and if you have problems sleeping good that will affect the weight loss.
Can lack sleep cause weight gain

Here why bad night sleep cost you to gain some weight. Less sleep will be the reason to eat more and put on about 400 calories extra.

This information from a study was done on over 150 people and it seems with limited night sleep like 4 hours a night made people eat more and put some pounds on

A study was done a few years back discover the sleeping less than normal about 4 hours a night will activate brain regions sensitive to food               Read another good blog

There was also an increase in brain activity in areas associated with reward, which helps explain why not sleeping enough may encourage you, by way of your brain, to overeat

Sleepless eat more
Most of the time, you’re unable to control how much to eat. You can try your will power but, the chance not going to help.

More studies showing when the participants had less sleep they reported increases in hunger and appetite and were less able to control their food intake.

Also, the research found that people who are chronically sleep deprived and go to bed late may be more susceptible to weight gain due to eating more both during the day and late at night.

Sleep and insulin resistance

Another very important result from the study shows one night of sleep deprivation led to impairments in insulin sensitivity similar to those caused by six months of eating a poor diet.

Well, another research demonstrates the importance of adequate sleep in maintaining blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Insulin resistance drives not only weight gain but also chronic diseases like cancer. Men who had trouble sleeping were found to be twice as likely to develop prostate cancer compared to those who slept well.

Sleeping less than six hours a night were found to have a 50 percent increased risk compared to those who got seven hours or more of sleep per night. Check here for gadgets

Sleep deprivation affects children

Have you noticed the rates of overweight and obesity among children? It is skyrocketing, addressing sleep issues is incredibly important.
Any small changes in sleep habits, such as increasing or decreasing sleep by 1.5 hours a night, have an impact.

When children in general use to sleep more than these days they had benefits reported, including consuming an average of 134 fewer calories per day and weighing one-half pound less. Toy shop

The study was done a few years back it could interest you, they found for each extra hour of sleep in one night for ages 3 to 5 associated with 61% less of risk of overweight and obese at 7 years old this increase was due to increase in fat mass.

One extra hour of sleep a night can lower the risk of overweight.

What to do if you can’t sleep

If you are one of the people who have this problem. And when the morning comes and you get the daylight signals to your body that it’s time to wake up.
And at night, when the sun sets, darkness should signal to your body that it’s time to sleep.

How many hours sleep you need

When you get up in the morning and jump out of bed with lots of energy, and feeling rested and alert then you know you had enough sleep. But if you feel tired and fatigue then you really need to sleep more. The hours needed to sleep it varies between individuals; too many factors must take to a count like Age, Health in general.
It was reported earlier by Centers for disease control and prevention. (CDC) 1 in 3 U.S. adults doesn’t get enough sleep.5 In this case, “enough” sleep was defined as seven or more hours per night, but many adults may need closer to eight hours per night

In February 2016, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 1 in 3 U.S. adults don’t get enough sleep. In this case, “enough” sleep was defined as seven or more hours per night, but many adults may need closer to eight hours per night So, the third of American according to this needed more sleep. Check this to monitor your activities

Do you know how long you are sleeping each night? You can get a wearable fitness tracker it will help monitor your activities and seep time.

Breathing exercises to relax [New Research]

Do you feel like over-worked? Tired and feels like never slept well for a long time also feeling lots of pressure?

There are many ways to calm you without spending lots of money on Massage.

How to breathe right

It may sound funny to some but, really when exercising and breathing must be done right.

The art of inhaling and exhaling may be a little more complicated than we think.

Check this exercise blog

What kind of exercise you are doing, Lifting weight, Running, Yoga,

Discover the best breathing techniques to use in your workout.

How to breathe easy

Whether you’re doing Squat or the track or any exercises breathing doesn’t come to mind at first, until you are out of breath.

In order to deliver the oxygen, our bodies need to perform properly we must have smooth and efficient breathing.

And good breathing helps athletes exercise longer with minimum effort and calm their mind, Please remember this…

Read more about exercises

Doing all the other things correctly and unless nailing the right running form strategy can be challenging, but a runner’s work doesn’t end there. With running around the track with improper breathing technique will not get you to the finish line. Bad breathing technique will impair your performance and your speed that’s why it will not get you to the finish line.

What is the right way to breathe?

There are no golden rules most runners find the most comfortable way that works for them. What most do is taking two steps left and right while inhaling and another left and right exhaling?

Now is the nose vs. mouth breathing? Studies were done comparing nasal and oral breathing during exercise, most have used small sample sizes with somewhat inconclusive results. Read about travel

The best advice out is breathing thru the mouth during exercise, as this is the route of the least resistance Because breathing through the nose during exercise just makes it needlessly hard.”

Also, others think that nose breathing has its own benefits, including increased CO2 saturation in the blood, which creates a more calming effect,

Train from strength

Aerobic exercises, not the only exercise that benefits from good breathing. Gadget you love

Weights lifting also contracting the respiratory muscles will help during heavier lifts while maintaining lumbar stability

Ways to do it correctly using the bench press as an example exhale slowly and continuously while pressing the bar, then inhale at the top of the lift or on the return.

And remember… Don’t forget to breathe out! Increases pressure inside the chest (which is good for stability), but holding it to longs can impede the return of blood to the heart and raise blood pressure that is not the goal here.

Do I do yoga?

It is time to unwind use breath as fuel More Gadgets

Doing it the right ways is “equal breathing, match inhale to an equal-length exhale.

This will calm the nervous system, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress, as a yoga instructor said

Simply breathe in and out through the nose, maintaining a slight contraction in the back of the throat. It was said If you sound a bit like Darth Vader, you’re doing it right.

Are you short of breath? There is such a thing as strength training for the respiratory muscles. Ditching the cigarettes, correcting bad posture, and keeping allergies and asthma in check is also key to better breathing.

Things you need to know

Don’t wait until fight-or-flight starts to kicks in before controlling your breath. Controlled breathing not only keeps your mind and body functioning well, but it also helps to lower blood pressure. New Big toys store coming soon

You need to balance your breathing and how to do this?

Balance can help you treat your body good, beginning with the breath start, inhale counting to four, then exhale for a count of four through the nose, which adds a natural resistance to the breath.

What Abdominal Breathing

How you do this breathing? Here the way this done With one hand on the chest and the other on the belly, take a deep breath in through the nose, ensuring the diaphragm (not the chest) inflates with enough air to create a stretch in the lungs. The goal: Six to 10 deep slow breaths per minute for 10 minutes each day to experience immediate reductions to heart rate and blood pressure do it for six to eight weeks.

Do this when you have a stressful event. But keep in mind, “Those who operate in a stressed state all the time might be a little shocked how hard it is to control the breath

Try this breathing technic

Here the way to do this and then you are ready to brighten up your day from the inside out?

This one starts with a long slow inhale followed by a quick, powerful exhale generated from the lower belly. Once comfortable with the contraction, up to the pace to one inhale-exhale (all through the nose) every one to two seconds, for a total of 10 breaths.

While stress, frustration, and other daily setbacks will always be there, the good news is, so will our breath.

Do you meditate home

Meditation can be great for all. A study shows that meditation help with mental health issues, and relieve stress, and improve our memory,

Do you meditate home?.

How do you sleep at night? Do you stay up for a long time? do you think you may have insomnia? Well, meditation can help by rewiring your brain.

Many people use meditation on a regular basis, But also many people haven’t still haven’t gotten around to get used to meditation. Check out this exercise

Long do people meditate

Do you know how many Americans who actually meditated, or had even tried to? the answer is not many about 10 years ago was about 12 percent. You would think many more people would be meditating already?

People have different personalities and needs, and we are not all the same. We all like different things and also each of us are comfortable with a different activity we all not the same.

I think it all boils down to. For instance yoga, We all know it’s good for us, but also we figured out everyone has their preferred yoga practices.

What works for one it doesn’t mean will work for everyone else. Some would like a hot Yoga class, but it may not be a good idea for someone who hasn’t exercised in years.

Your first step into meditation should be finding the right one for you and make a decision. By choosing the right one for you’d be able to stick to it and have a great time. Click for more Exercises

Types of meditation practices

Do you find yourself face to face with negativity and self-doubt, and sadness and anger and leads to anxiety, Well you are not alone.

You know as I know that positive thinking is great and a must but also sometimes know it doesn’t work well. When you find yourself in a bad state for whatever reason. It seems impossible to jump right into happy mode.

How to exercise better

Remember it is not enough going thru the motion of an exercise, try Switching off your brain before and after exercise will help prevent injuries.                  Check out Blogs about Travel

it is recommended combining yoga practice with mindfulness meditations, people with active minds have trouble flipping the off switch.

You know’ these days we all are busy and our minds going at full speed. Home pressure and kids growing up and keeping you thinking most of your awake time, So we leave our bodies and got in deep thought most of the time. It is life pressure.

This can affect our physical body, and become stressed and tense which relaxation become harder to achieve. Practicing mindfulness once a day creates new neural pathways. That’s when Yoga and mindfulness meditations can actually help and change your stressful life.                                         Look here for great Gadgets

Why it’s hard to fall asleep
I just want to get some sleep… Do you go thru this a lot? when it is 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. and can’t full asleep staying awake and moving around.

Meditation can help. Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can help you evoke the relaxation response necessary for you to finally sleep like a baby.
What about trying the fairy tales stories your grandma used to put you to bed with, they will relax you and help you fall asleep just like being a kid again.

Signs stress depression

Talking about stress so, don’t think that self-care is an inherently selfish act. Stress, depression, and anxiety aren’t just personal most people think it is but, it is reflections of the culture you live in.

What we need to do is to take some time to care for ourselves, and reflect on the state of the world around us, So we can separate ourselves from these cultural messages and cultivate contentment.
What should we try?

We should try meditation. Try the Awaken AP. it is a really great place to start and it works to connect the dots between our inner state and the outer world. More Gadgets

Do you have a job is currently crushing your soul?

Is it Friday yet? Is it payday yet? How did that deadline sneak up on you? Are you one of those lucky enough to genuinely love your job, you still need some motivation which not always easy to find. So many negativities happening on the internet, Do you know what can actually help? Meditation.

I hear people crying and complaining about not having time for themselves, and can’t find time for exercising or any other activities. Then they start talking about TV shows and it sounds like they never miss a show on TV. How they find time for that. People need to work on their priorities and organize their life and their time.

Does meditation do you

Please, start with this, Start with a long, slow, inhale through your nose, Let your breath slowly move into you, and follow it down deep into your belly. And then hold your breath in and witness it as it sits in your belly, Releases your breath and watches it as it moves back up, through you, and out of your nostrils. Gadgets for Pets

And as you exhale, watch your breath as you release it out and observe it the whole time as it dissipates into the air.
Over-time you have a chance throughout the day try to practice, for example when stuck in traffic, standing in a line, sitting in the bathroom, attending a meeting, or even taking a shower.

This time-tested process will instantly infuse all the conversations in your head with a tiny bit of stillness. And as all of your interactions start to proceed at a slower speed, you receive information more clearly, process it more objectively, and speak with greater poise and purpose.”

Have a healthy and happy meditation.

Workouts for Couples

Best things you can do with your partner is spent time together at home on a cold night, sitting by the fire and having intimate dinners for two followed by a nice box of chocolate. But, it can bring a rough experience from a health and wellness perspective.
Or, you can take a long walk on the beach it is very romantic, but there are plenty of other activities that you can do together. And work on Workouts for Couples.
Working as a team
The study was done about married couples when they work together for keeping a healthy lifestyle and they found that men and women shed more weight, get more active, and are more successful at quitting smoking when their partners are doing the same fitness goals. Check out this Blog about a workout

Most couples who worked out together were still going to the gym at least once a week two years later. But of those who exercised alone, only 25% still active.
Men and women are more than twice as likely to lose weight teaming up with their significant other than by themselves.

The conclusion here couples who move together are more likely to succeed and be happy.

Working better as a team

The new activity will add more stimulation to your relationship. And this can improve the quality of your relationship. Let’s work together. Another Blog about Exercise with Partner

Riding bicycle lose weight
Buy yourselves a couple of bicycles, Or rent them or rent a Tandem bike and enjoy the day together biking along the beach or on a mountain road it is very romantic and at the same time great exercise. Be careful and enjoy your day.

Do yoga at home

Do you like and have you ever tried yoga? what about your partner did your partner like it or ever tried it? you don’t want to take a standard class you may not get excited.

It is better to take a couple’s yoga classes you’ll get a better challenge and both will enjoy it wells. There are a lot of partner exercises you can do better together, and adding the occasional challenge makes it more interesting,

Fun outdoor activities adults
Join some outdoor activity group and enjoy the workout with friends. Check out my Gadgets

Here are a few suggestions about outdoor activities I enjoy myself with my wife for many years and we love it. When you start it can be very intimidating, But just relax and do what you enjoy best while Camping, you can do some hiking together. And while camping, add snowshoeing, kayaking, rock-climbing, or any number of outdoor activities to camping.

Make friends with the other people on your group adventure, but don’t forget that you’re on a date with your partner. Spend most of your time chatting with him or her, rather than trying to perfect your zip-lining form or be the funny guy in the group. If you end up loving the activity, you can always go again another time.

Can I have a dance?

Going dancing with your partner is very romantic just make a date night and have a blast together.
Does dancing make you a little nervous? No worries take dancing classes together they are lots of fun and will make your heart beat faster.

Or, just go together to the club and dance and have fun together. Another Blog about Exercises

Did you know? Salsa dancing can burn about 400 calories an hour?
Formal dancing or salsa classes are so great, as they’re social in nature and require communication and teamwork
Why people join groups.

Many people join group classes, and they create Date Night because they believe that couples who work out together form stronger relationships and gain intimacy in an important way that is physical, but not sexual.
It’s all about increasing respect and supporting each other.

Pick an activity that’s within both of your comfort zones. If it’s a more cardio-oriented class and you’re the stronger of the two, make this night your “easy” night. But training together and actually enjoying it is worth more than a few extra calories burned. If someone has a medical condition, on the other hand, or is totally new to exercise it’s a good idea to consult your physician before starting any new routines.
Just remember Stay within your abilities! Don’t try to “beat” your partner by outdoing him or her with more weight or more reps. It won’t impress anyone and can leave you too sore to enjoy the dinner afterward.

Plan a healthy restaurant choice for afterward and make reservations there as well, so you aren’t tempted to hit up the nearest fast food spot to pig out after an hour-long sweat session.