Can you be stressed and not know it

Just so you know, Stress are everywhere and sometimes we bring it to ourselves. I went through some time in my life stressed out, and I thought I have to live with it for the rest of my life. Then I realize I’m and my thinking is part why I’m stressed, I asked myself always- Can you be stressed and not know it– so I work hard on being positive and now always look forward and do the best I can to be positive and happy. Look at other blog

You know what’s important in your life I know mine and always I try to control my thinking to stay positive. If something I don’t like and I can’t change it, then I do the best I can and ignore it put it behind me, If I need to do something about it do it and move on. Do something that makes me happy.

How to stop complaining and

Do you know if you socialize with the wrong people the ones who is negative, the ones who complain all the time even in parties just stay away from them, they will be the reason for your stress. So, stay away from them. And be happy

When you’re bothered with something Talk about it with the right people solve the problem and don’t leave it in the back of your mine, if you do will drive you crazy and will be the reason for stress. Click and do some exercises

Talk to someone for advice

When stressed and feel scared because of it. You need to talk about it with someone you trust and be careful who you trust. If you talk with the wrong person things can backfire be careful when you pick the people you’re talking with emotional person can do more harm than good. Need to stay away from negativity.      

Handling stressful situations work

We should avoid stressful situation but, you need to know by doing that will not guarantee stress free. But it helps in not increasing your stress. Avoiding stress will not give you relief from stress. It is a start you must watch who you socialize with stay away from negative people they can drag you down. Stay away from people who spend their life looking for problems and they always find some somehow, They can drag you down if you let them.                     Read about Travel

How to change things gradually

Sometimes stress can make your life difficult. When you’re stressed out you basically can function, can’t get anything done. Don’t overload yourself with problems you can’t solve this will make your life worse not better. Don’t overload yourself, you can’t solve all the problems quickly. Take your time and work it out carefully you will get better result.

Don’t follow every tip you find if you do, you are looking for trouble. Relax and focus on the issues and work on it without pressure.                                 Check out a Gadget store

Be careful with your exercises and movements because you can over do it. And if your exercises not helping you relax, try incorporating yoga into your routine. It will really help with your stress.

Stress can make it hard to sleep studies shows. And not getting enough sleep can lead to more stress.

Is going online really a break?

Many people as they get tired and stressed and want to relax, they jump on the computer or through their phones they go online, They think they’re taking break to relax. Many do that when they feel stress and needing a break, They sit in front the computer. Whether they go on social media or read about some bad and stressing incidents and get even more stress.

So, stay away from everything and relax or exercise.

Should I take vacation?

It may sound like the thing to do. But, What’s the use if after you come back you find all what you ran away from still there waiting for you? here you are just back from vacation and stress still there waiting for you?

You need to stay away from your daily routine sometimes, But be careful so the stress not waiting for you to come back and take the fun away. Look for your Health

Will drinking Alcohol help?

In case, you’re thinking that taking Glass of wine to deal with the stress Don’t do it. Drinking will not solve the problem but it will numb it for while. And then everything will be waiting for you the stress will still be there in the morning, not resolved.

When you are stressed would be great idea to take some times off drinking Instead of avoiding or temporarily reducing stress with alcohol, be proactive about reducing over the long term. Find a solution for what actually bothering you and focus on finding a healthy solution. Also, is not a good idea to binge-eat for the sake of binge-eating…

Having a treat is great idea as long as you’re considering what will actually make you feel better.

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