Average fitness level age

Our problems is not our age, age is only a number. The biggest issues is our bodies fitness and not how many years being on this earth Average fitness level age . More exercises

Some may think as we get older in age we need to accept the fact to accept a decline in strength or flexibility or speed.? Well it doesn’t have to be that way, I know many it did happen that way and that because they stopped being active and they think it is the way it supposes to be.

Let me tell you, that this is not correct I know from experience. I’m about that age and I refuse to accept the fact and think I’m old and can’t move, As a matter of fact I can outwork any young person. More exercises blogs

I also know some older person in the seventies still work and are very active also know of younger person who act like he can’t move. I think this is inside our head, and being lazy.

Aging tend to affect bodies in predictable ways. And knowing if you’re making the right decision can help you preserve your fitness levels, no matter how old you are. For outdoor activities

Does your metabolism change

As we get to our twentieth our metabolism is humming along, and if we skip a week or two at the gym and not notice a difference when you return. The body might still be building bone mass until right around our 30th. Birthday,

And it matters because the more bone mass we build when we’re young, the more likely we are to avoid osteoporosis as your body loses bone mass later in life.

In our 20s is the time to really strengthen hour fitness foundation, The earlier you start to exercise and include all components of fitness the better. How to loose weight click here

Start exercising early in life when we still younger, A study of young adults found that those who had better cardio health (and were able to stay on a treadmill longer) had a significantly lower risk of heart disease and death later in life. So double down on making sweat sessions a priority. Remember this is our best in our twentieth.

What happened when we hit 30

The bad news is at 30 years old things start to change, loosing muscle mass which depress metabolism, And there is good news here, with the right fitness tweaks you can preserve your fitness and really push back against those age-related changes. gift shop

What you can do is spend about 2 and half hours a week cardio and also might want to also try mixing it up, You want to use muscle balance, so you’re less likely to be sidelined by an injury.

Remember that you should start fighting to preserve as much muscle mass as you can. Get all BFF with a strength-training routine, and “focus on quality, not quantity,” says Sequin. You only need to do two to three sets of 8 to 10 reps a few times a week, but the key is to pick a weight that fatigues your muscles by the end.
What happened at Forty

At that age you going to be very busy Family growing up, Taking care of job and trying to stay in shape, sometimes seems like not enough hours in the day. At the same time you are losing muscle mass and muscle elasticity, and your metabolism slowdown. With all that Many people find themselves weaker, pudgier and more prone to small injuries in their 40s than they’ve ever been…unless they’ve made fitness a priority.

Remember 30 minutes of workout gets you different result at different age from 20 to 30 or 40. you may have to work harder.

How to reduce abdominal fat
A study done on people 40 plus, and found out lifting weight about 20 minutes a day will be very beneficial.

If you lift weight 20 minutes plus a day you’ll gain less age-related abdominal fat than participants who devoted that time to extra cardio. Check Gadget store click here

Study done on women practiced yoga regularly between age 45 and 55, they gained flexibility and also gained less weight during this 10-year period than those who didn’t practice.

Hit higher age now what?
Hormones can cause your usual workout to leave you out of breath. And women, menopause can slow the metabolism even more, and the estrogen dip accelerates bone loss, says Lowe-Payne. For men, the 50s bring a dip in testosterone level, which can make fat production rise. At the same time, the loss of lean muscle increase.

What you don’t want to hear
When people past 60 Arthritis, creaky knees, that old sports injury that still bothers your back. Minor ailments accumulate as people age, and for many that means curbing their physical activities.

The less you move the faster decline in fitness, and the lower body stability decline.

What must do

For sure if your exercises causing you pain you shouldn’t put yourselves in this situation. But you must stay active at any age. We just have to do our best without the pain. You can find any activity that don’t cause a pain.

Try different activity, like swimming or rowing. Dreading your usual dance class? It might be time to hop on a bicycle.
How you move is not important as the fact that you stay active

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