Am I Depressed sad?

You find yourself sometimes asking Am I Depressed sad? Whether this caused by death or breakup, or very sad movie, So many thing now can get you down and it can happen to all of us. I’m very positive person and occasionally find myself affected. Gadgets for all

But, the cold weather is likely to have us looking for spring, So important not to get sad because winter effect.

Taking action when sadness Hit is the difference between a lonesome stretch and a happy winter season.

Sad is form of depression usually happen during the winter months and during spring and summer.

Some people experience their most intense symptoms in the summer, also appetite increases, and they gain weight. Do exercises click here

But Sometimes depression causes weight loss. Also, causes fatigue, Moodiness and social withdrawal.

Some people take it as simple moodiness, Being SAD is a real form of depression that’s dependent on a person’s hormonal state, seasonal characteristics like temperature, and exposure to natural light (which can influence the body’s production melanin).

It was found that areas with longer winter is more intense with sadness. One in 10 Americans also experiences sadness, a more mild form of the disorder often referred to as “winter blues.

How to Fight sadness

It is not so simple to determine whether is about sadness, off course it is indication of SAD, So first thing to do visit to your Doctor. Symptoms can be similar to other forms of depression, Fortunately, there are a range of treatments to help combat SAD

Get fresh air home

Spend time outdoors it helps ease your sadness. Get outside withing 2 hours of waking up. No matter what the weather is like it help spending some time in the daylight is great help. Good ways to relax click

Try doing therapy

Doctors may prescribe light therapy to reduce SADNES. Consult a physician before buying any pills.

You can try antidepressants

Antidepressants can control your moods and energy. Check with your Doctor

The Best regular exercises

Regular exercise can reduce symptoms of moderate, nonseasonal depression. Studies suggest a combination of exercise and light therapy can also help treat SAD.

Eating carbs can help

Complex carbohydrates can help maintain levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood. Eat carbs in moderation. Sadness is a normal part of the range of emotions that humans typically feel.

What It Means to Be Sad

You can be sad for various reason for example loosing someone you care for? Or for breaking up with someone you love. Or breaking up with best friend. It could be for any reason that you care for. We are just human and have feelings.

So I want to be clear we can’t downplay the feelings here. Sadness related to loss, disappointment, unfulfilled needs, a breakup, or loosing someone for death can be intense and last for weeks. Ways to be productive Click

How bad depression can be

Depression is a persistent, long-lasting mental health condition that interferes with daily life. It affects 7 percent of American adults, or 16 million people.
Depression affects more aspects of our well-being and functioning, but unlike sadness, the extent to which depression takes hold and drags us down is much greater.

Physical side effects depression

If you have depression you may feel:

  • Decreased libido
  • Changes in sleep and appetite
  • Low energy
  • Physical fatigue
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Thoughts of suicide

Depression treatments that work

Don’t need psychiatrist right away, first try talking with friends who care about you. If that isn’t helpful or you realize your issues are more complex, then it’s a matter for a mental health professional.

When you no longer feels capable of handling things, or condition is affecting your daily life. Then you need to seek treatment. While it may be scary, now that the faster you intervene, the better off you’ll be.

Need to see someone who’s skilled at psychotherapy, then that person can advise whether med is helpful.

And remember: “When you seek help, it doesn’t mean you’ll be in therapy for the rest of your life, a depressed person may begin to understand how to control or eliminate their symptoms without medication. For Travel click here

Help yourself helping others

Simply change what you’re doing right now, Get up and move around, make something with your hands, Do something you enjoy doing like, playing a guitar, Or Draw something. Get in the kitchen and cook something you really like. Just do whatever you like to do and when you finish. Go back and try to solve what ever problem feeling fresh most time it works.
When you are feeling down stay around good friends who cares.

Try laughing about something

Try to be around good friends who makes you laugh, Watch something funny and/or read something.

Sadness is a normal human reaction. Depression is a condition that affects the lives of many people in a major way.

It’s OK to feel down, but now the sadness gradually will lift.

So start helping yourself thing deeper, it’s worth talking to a friend or mental health professional to figure out the best way to help you.

Exercises and Meditation Can Reduce Depression Symptoms

People who suffer from depression will have difficulty focusing away from negative thoughts. Exercises has been shown to help your brain grow new cells, and meditation helps you focus.

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